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MapReduce Questions and Answers Part 2


4 Inverting Indexing for Text Retrieval The chapter contains a lot of details about integer numbers encoding and compression. Since these topics are not directly about MapReduce, I made no questions about them. 4.4 Inverting Indexing: Revised Implementation Explain inverting index retrieval algorithm. You may assume that each document fits into the memory. Assume also then there is a huge ...

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MapReduce Questions and Answers Part 1


With all the hype and buzz surrounding NoSQL, I decided to have a look at it. I quickly found that there is not one NoSQL I could learn. Rather, there are various different solutions with different purposes and trade offs. Those various solutions tend to have one thing in common: processing of data in NoSQL storage is usually done using ...

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AppSensor – Intrusion Detection


Imagine that you have created a nice web application and secured it to your best. Users came, used it and everything was OK until someone stumbled upon vulnerability in your application and used it. Of course, you analyzed logs and found that the bad guy was looking for the vulnerability for weeks until he found one. Creators of AppSensor intrusion ...

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Secure Encryption in Java


Last time I wrote about cryptography, I outlined Apache Shiro crypto API and shown how to use its two symmetric ciphers. I also wrote that “You do not need more to encrypt and decrypt sensitive data in your applications.” I learned more about cryptography and found out that you need to know more. What I wrote is true to some ...

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ANTLR Tutorial – Hello Word


Antlr stands for ANother Tool for Language Recognition. The tool is able to generate compiler or interpreter for any computer language. Besides obvious use, e.g. need to parse a real ‘big’ programming language such as Java, PHP or SQL, it can help with smaller, more common tasks. It is useful any time you need to evaluate expressions unknown at compile-time ...

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JNDI and JPA without J2EE Container


We wanted to test some JPA code with as simple setup as possible. The plan was to use only Java and Maven, without an application server or other J2EE container. Our JPA configuration needs two things to run successfully: database to store data, JNDI to access the database. This post has two parts. First part shows how to use standalone ...

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Do you want to know how to develop your skillset and become a ...

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