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Java API for Kannel SMS/WAP gateway v 1.0.2 released

Hello all, we released version 1.0.2 of Java API for Kannel SMS/WAP gateway.

The latest version introduces prioritized WAP Push functionality and bulk WAP Push messaging.

You can download the new version here

An example use of the API is shown below :

public static void main(String[] args) {

 SMSManager smsManager = SMSManager.getInstance();

 // We can change the prefetch size of the background worker thread

 // We can change the send message rate

 try {

  // Send SMS to a single destination
  smsManager.sendSMS("localhost", "13013", "foo", "bar", "sender_mobile_number", "receiver_mobile_number", "the_message");

  // Send SMS to a single destination with a specific priority and send rate
  smsManager.sendSMS("localhost", "13013", "foo", "bar", "sender_mobile_number", "receiver_mobile_number", "the_message", SMSManager.MESSAGE_PRIORITY_3);

  // Send SMS to multiple recipients
  List<String> recipientsGroupA = new ArrayList<String>();
  smsManager.sendSMS("localhost", "13013", "foo", "bar", "sender_mobile_number", recipientsGroupA, "the_message");

  // Send SMS to multiple recipients with a specific priority and send rate
  List<String> recipientsGroupB = new ArrayList<String>();
  smsManager.sendBulkSMS("localhost", "13013", "foo", "bar", "sender_mobile_number", recipientsGroupB, "the_message", SMSManager.MESSAGE_PRIORITY_7);

  // Send a WAP Push request to a single mobile recipient
  smsManager.sendWAPPush("localhost", "8181", "receiver_mobile_number", SMSManager.WAP_PUSH_RECEIVER_TYPE_MOBILE, "the_message", "http://localhost", 3);

  // Send a WAP Push request to a single destination with a specific priority and send rate
  smsManager.sendWAPPush("localhost", "8181", "receiver_mobile_number", SMSManager.WAP_PUSH_RECEIVER_TYPE_MOBILE, "the_message", "http://localhost", 3, SMSManager.MESSAGE_PRIORITY_8);

  // Send WAP Push request to multiple recipients with a specific priority and send rate
  List<String> recipientsGroupC = new ArrayList<String>();
  smsManager.sendBulkWAPPush("localhost", "8181", recipientsGroupC, SMSManager.WAP_PUSH_RECEIVER_TYPE_MOBILE, "the_message", "http://localhost", 3, SMSManager.MESSAGE_PRIORITY_8);

 } catch (Exception ex) {

 // Stops the background worker.
 // smsManager.stopSMSManagerWorker();


Best Regards


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12 Responses to "Java API for Kannel SMS/WAP gateway v 1.0.2 released"

  1. Xander says:

    Hi Justin,

    Can you please explain the steps required to configure the API. What all needs to be deployed on local machine on the port 13013 and all. I try to ran this example but as port 13013 on my local machine was not being listened by any program the socket connection failed.


  2. Mitesh Patel says:

    Can you tell me how to use a send sms function with DLR..

  3. Albert says:

    Please help me!
    I use:

    // Send a WAP Push request to a single mobile recipient
    smsManager.sendWAPPush(“localhost”, “8181″, “receiver_mobile_number”, SMSManager.WAP_PUSH_RECEIVER_TYPE_MOBILE, “the_message”, “http://localhost”, 3);

    My errors: http://localhost:8080/wappush
    at Source)
    at com.javacodegeeks.kannel.api.SMSManager.sendWAPPush(
    at com.javacodegeeks.kannel.api.SMSManager.sendWAPPush(


    • Albert says:

      Sorry, I’m using:
      // Send a WAP Push request to a single mobile recipient
      smsManager.sendWAPPush(“localhost”, “8080″, “receiver_mobile_number”, SMSManager.WAP_PUSH_RECEIVER_TYPE_MOBILE, “the_message”, “http://localhost”, 3);

  4. raju says:

    HI ,

    I am kannel sms API in my java application
    smsManager.sendSMS(“localhost”, “9080″, “foo”, “bar”, “send_number”, “rec_number”, “Hi Test”);

    I am getting below exception Connection refused: connect.

    please help to configure kannel sms api.


  5. kishore says:

    1)Send SMS with priority is not been sent to the SMPPsim that has been configured. SMS send without priority are submitted to the SMSC with no issues. Can anyone revert back on this, as on what need to be done to submit sms with priority.

    2)How to get the delivery status if the submitted message from this program to the kannel router?


  6. hemanth says:

    hi how can i get replay message (MO) from this api

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