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The Complete Guide to Write a Java Developer Resume

In this post, we feature a comprehensive guide on how to write a Java Developer Resume.

Are you looking for a change in employer or a promotion? Are you looking for your first position as a Java developer? Whatever your case may be, this guide will explain how to build a great resume in an easy and simple way that will help you get your next Java developer position. By following these steps you’ll have a resume that’s current with the times but also makes your application stand out.

1. The Main Components of the Java Developer Resume

There are five key components to a resume for Java developers that you must make sure your resume includes for any chance of success.

  • It must showcase the experience that you have that’s relevant to the job or position you’re applying for.
  • It must show that you have the right skills for the position, based on the job listing or posting.
  • Your quantifiable achievements (i.e. stats and numbers showing what your Java developer skills can do for the employer)
  • What makes you unique compared to all the other developers
  • Your proudest achievements or moments

2. Experience

You’ll want to make your resume as good as it can be by tailoring your skills and experience to the job you’re applying for. What’s important to include as a Java developer is a great list of experience laid out clearly. To do that, you must be specific. Keep your bullet points simple, to the point, and short. It should indicate the impact you had at your old position by adding a concrete example to each point. If you don’t, it can appear as though you’re writing something just to write it.

You should also be chronological. Felicity Jonsson, a resume editor at Ox Essays, explains to resume writers and job seekers that:

you must start from your most recent position and then make your way down. For each position, put a couple of points about your experience so you’re not overwhelming the reader with all the tasks you did. This might be difficult to narrow down but think about including only what the recruiter would be interested in.

3. Skills

Similarly to the experience section, you need to think about the skills you want to present. You should keep all the skills on your resume in the same place, including soft and hard skills. Look at the job description and make sure your resume includes all the skills that they listed. You should work at prioritizing the skills in your resume that are important in the job description. The most commonly mentioned skills for Java developers to feature are j2ee, spring, hibernate, rest, and oracle.

4. Achievements

Recruiters and hiring managers don’t want to see resumes filled with clichés and buzzwords. Things like “manage, improve, optimize” don’t really mean anything unless you tie them in to actual numbers and statistics. Instead of using these overused words, focus on the information you have which has concrete numbers about your Java success. That’s the best way to make your resume stand out and give a good impression.

5. Review and Edit

It’s just as important to review and edit your resume as it is to write it. The worst thing would be to submit your resume everywhere and it’s full of mistakes. If you’re not the strongest writer, don’t hesitate to use online tools to help you.

  • Resumention is a resume service that helps you map out and draft your resume. If you’re not sure where to start or how, go to this site.
  • Via Writing and Writing Populist are two grammar resources that are excellent ways to review your work and make sure your grammar is on point.
  • EliteAssignmentHelp and Essayroo are the top online proofreading tools you can get. They’re well mentioned at Revieweal.
  • Simplegrad and State of Writing are two blogs that are packed full of useful tips and suggestions on how to write a good, efficient resume.
  • BigAssignments and PaperFellows are some resources for editing that come well viewed by Best British Essays.
  • My Writing Way and Let’s Go and Learn will help you with career guides. That means not just the resume help, but also the references and cover letters.

6. Java Developer Resume – Be Unique

Recruiters and hiring managers look at hundreds of resumes a day. That’s why you need to make yours unique and stand out. Show yourself as a person and more than just a Java developer. The hiring manager is much more likely to remember the candidates who are engaging and genuine as opposed to robotic. To do this, show off your personality by adding a section for your passions, your favorite books, and more. One suggestion is to share a touching story about overcoming obstacles, learning good lessons, or a promotion that meant a lot to you. This is the place where you can shine.

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