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Converting Between LocalDate and SQL Date In Java 8

A quick guide to convert between LocalDate and java.sql.Date objects in java 8 with examples. 1. Overview In this tutorial, We’ll learn how to convert java.time.LocalDate to java.sql Date in java 8 and vice versa. This is simple to do but when working jpa framework it is bit different to deal with the table column type. First look at the ...

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Use the Power of your Database: XML and JSON

Today databases have a lot of functionality that is often not used by software developers because they simply not know that this exists. But knowing about this features can save a lot of time because you may write less code. One of this hidden gems is the ability of producing XML or JSON data using a SQL SELECT statement. In ...

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Run a docker PostgreSQL instance locally for Testing

Running a PostgreSQL instance ad-hoc for testing is not always as bootstraping as it should be. This blog will run a PostgreSQL instance that connects to your workstation’s network and instead of using one of the popular tools like dbeaver we shall use the client that comes with the instance. Also we shall run a bootstrap script to have some ...

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SQL as a Service


I’ve been thinking about this since 2007, somewhere around the time S3 was launched by Amazon. I even tried to implement it a few times, but failed right after the design phase. I’ve heard about a startup, which tried to do it too, but also failed. I’m still not sure whether it’s possible to do, but it could definitely become ...

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