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Changing Scalatra and sbt default directories

Conventions are not always good. I recently started a new internal web project at Codurance and I decided to use Scala. As I’m not a fan of big frameworks, I chose Scalatra as a micro web framework. The first challenge was that I wanted to organise my application with a different directory structure. By default, sbt and Scalatra use the ...

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Getting started with Scala and Scalatra – Part III

This post is the third on a series of articles I’m writing on scalatra. In ‘part I’ we created the initial environment, and in ‘part II’ we created the first part of a REST API and added some tests. In this third part of the scalatra tutorial we’re going to look at the following topics: Persistency: we use scalaquery to ...

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Getting started with Scala and Scalatra – Part II

In the previous part of the tutorial we created a simple application from scratch and setup Eclipse so we could edit the scala files for scalatra. In this second part of the tutorial you’ll learn how to do the following: How to start scalatra with embedded Jetty for easy testing and debugging Create a simple REST API that returns JSON ...

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Getting started with Scala and Scalatra – Part I

In this series of tutorials we’re going to look a bit closer at scalatra. Scalatra is a lightweight scala based micro-web framework, that can be used to create high performance websites and APIs. In this first tutorial we’ll just get started with the installation of scalatra and import our test project into Eclipse. SBT and giter8 Before you can get ...

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