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Ineffective Java

Perhaps I can be replaced by a robot for code review. There are some bits of feedback I find myself giving over and over again. Here are some of my least favourites: General Code Structure Drop The Else When if ends in return the else is superfluous and creates unnecessary indentation. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 ...

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Making Refactoring Work

A recent academic study raises some questions about how useful and how important refactoring really is. The researchers found that refactoring didn’t seem to make code measurably easier to understand or change, or even measurably cleaner (measured by cyclomatic complexity, depth of inheritance, class coupling or lines of code). But as other people have discussed, this study is deeply flawed. ...

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Thoughts about TDD and how to use it for untested legacy code

Prologue My personal experiences with TDD mostly match with the others on the internet, in short, TDD is good. It helps you to write better code, create a clean and nicely tested architecture, make refactoring and design changes easier. It leads your design decisions, helps to think through every possible cases which you need to handle and many more. I ...

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You can’t Refactor your way out of every Problem

Refactoring is a disciplined way to clarify, retain or restore the design of a system as you make changes, and to help cleanup and correct the mistakes and mess that we all make as we work, to clear away the evidence of false starts and changes in direction and back tracking and to help fill in gaps and misunderstandings. As ...

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What Refactoring is, and what it isn’t

Sometimes a programmer will come to me and explain that they don’t like the design of something and that “we’re gonna need to do a whole bunch of refactoring” to make it right. Oh Oh. This doesn’t sound good. And it doesn’t sound like refactoring either…. Refactoring, as originally defined by Martin Fowler and Kent Beck, is A change made ...

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Don’t rewrite Your Application

When stuck with a legacy code base you’ll hear the claim “We’ll have to rewrite this from scratch in order to fix it!” It sounds promising. You start with a clean slate. You can do all the good stuff without all the mistakes. The only problem: It doesn’t work. Here is why. What every you might think of the code ...

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