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Exact Matching of a String Containing a Wild Card in QueryDSL

On one of our recent projects, our client asked for a single search field that would be able to search on first name, last name and email address, with the only wildcard being an asterix ‘*’ for partial matches. Sounds simple, but it threw us for a little loop. In our project, we used QueryDSL in combination with JPA and ...

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JPA – Querydsl Projections

In my last post: JPA – Basic Projections – I’ve mentioned about two basic possibilities of building JPA Projections. This post brings you more examples, this time based on Querydsl framework. Note, that I’m referring Querydsl version 3.1.1 here. Reinvented constructor expressions Take a look at the following code:         ... import static com.blogspot.vardlokkur.domain.QEmployee.employee; import javax.persistence.EntityManager; import ...

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