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Will Python Overtake Java as the Most Used Programming Language?

Will Python Overtake Java as the Most Used Programming Language? As per the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019, Python is the fastest-growing major programming language in the world. Moreover, it outshined Java this year to reach the feat. Several scholars and professionals believe that Python is on its way to conquer and overthrow Java as the most used programming language. ...

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Python Formatting Strings Example

1. Introduction In this post, we feature a comprehensive article on Python Formatting Strings. One of the tasks we face almost every day while writing code for our world-changing apps is, formatting Strings. Although it sounds like a trivial task, it is necessary to format Strings correctly because not doing it can result in a lot of memory leaks as ...

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Top 10 Free Python Compilers and Interpreters

1. Introduction In this lesson, we will cover some of the Python compilers and interpreters available for Python programming language. We will try to establish the use-cases in each of the interpreters and identify if any of them are available online where we can try them without any installations. Also we will see what advantages they offer apart from specific ...

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Time Series & Deep Learning (Part 1 of N): Basic Stuff

During the last part of my career I had a chance to work with Data Scientists having strong skills in Python. My tech background, after a start with C/C++, is in JVM programming languages mostly (but I had to touch several others during my career), so it was a great chance for me to learn more about practical Python, at ...

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Python String Append Example

1. Introduction This is an article about appending of string in python. In Python, string is an immutable object. You can use ‘+’ operator to append two strings to create a new string. There are various ways such as using join, format, stringIO and appending the strings with space. 2. Python String Appending In this section, we look at multiple ways of ...

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Coding Skills That Will Elevate Your Digital Marketing Career

Digital marketing platforms are teeming with an ever-increasing array of marketing software that you can use to stay competitive and keep up with the demands of the increasingly tech-savvy users. Today’s digital marketing is largely data-driven, and to have an edge over the competition, you need to use the right software on the various marketing platforms wisely and decisively to ...

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