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The After Open Source Era Has Started

Open source is the current norm for developer collaboration and customer adoption in software. It is the foundation that enabled unicorns and cloud providers to build their services from the ground up. But that wasn’t always the case with open source, and it is changing and evolving again. Open Source Eras and relative adoption trend lines In this post, I ...

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Using Spectron for Electron Apps

The Speed at which Technologies and companies are growing today are quite unfathomable. We have come a long way from the digital age of the 1970s to the information age of the 21st century in such a short span of time. The rate at which technologies around the world are evolving things that we thought impossible is starting to take ...

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So I Wrote a Library

If you’ve never done it, go out and find an open-source project to contribute to. Whether it’s one of your own or something you use, go and try writing code in the wide open to see how it feels. I’ve recently been working on a library of my own. I say my own. It’s actually someone else’s code that I ...

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Jmix – the future of CUBA Platform


Jmix is the new name and the new major release of CUBA Platform. It is now in Preview and we are aiming to release Stable version in Q2 2021. Key features: Spring Boot as a core technology Decomposition into separate pluggable modules (data, security, audit, etc.) A new approach to data model definition Database update process based on Liquibase Deployment ...

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Appium vs Selenium – Architecture, Functionality, Applications, and Everything in Between

It’s perhaps difficult to remember life before smartphones. Today, mobile phones have transformed dramatically to become the information and communication hub fundamental to modern life: from paying for your next meal to tracking your sleep habits. This explosion of the mobile industry puts testing professionals under pressure to keep up with speed without sacrificing their mobile apps’ quality. When opting ...

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Java Based Akka application Part 1: Your base Project

Akka is a free, open-source toolkit and runtime for building highly concurrent, distributed, and resilient message-driven applications on the JVM. Along with Akka you have akka-streams  a module that makes the ingestion and processing of streams easy  and Alpakka, a Reactive Enterprise Integration library for Java and Scala, based on Reactive Streams and Akka. On this blog I shall focus ...

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