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Exploring the Spline Data Tracker and Visualization tool for Apache Spark (Part 2)

In part 1 we have learned how to test data lineage info collection with Spline from a Spark shell. The same can be done in any Scala or Java Spark application. The same dependencies for the Spark shell need to be registered in your build tool of choice (Maven, Gradle or sbt): groupId: za.co.absa.spline artifactId: spline-core version: 0.3.5 groupId: za.co.absa.spline artifactId: spline-persistence-mongo ...

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Exploring the Spline Data Tracker and Visualization tool for Apache Spark (Part 1)

One interesting and promising Open Source project that caught my attention lately is Spline, a data lineage tracking and visualization tool for Apache Spark, maintained at  Absa. This project consists of 2 parts: a Scala library that works on the drivers which, by analyzing the Spark execution plans, captures the data lineages and a web application which provides a UI to visualize them. ...

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MongoDB Index Strategies and Types of Indexes

1. MongoDB Index Strategies and Types of Indexes – Introduction MongoDB is an open-source, document-oriented, and cross-platform database which is developed in C++ and is one of the most popular and used NoSQL type databases. It works on top of JSON-like documents with key-value pairs whose schema can remain undefined across every document. Also, it is free to use as ...

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MongoDB Tutorial for Beginners

1. Introduction to MongoDB In this post, we feature a comprehensive MongoDB Tutorial that integrates with a Java-based application. Whenever we read about NoSQL databases, we need to know why were they ever developed when SQL databases were working excellent. NoSQL foundations grew upon relaxed ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability) guarantees in favour of performance, scalability, flexibility and reduced complexity. ...

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Spring Data MongoDB Tutorial


In today’s world it is very important to get the application up and running as soon as possible. The application should also be easy to develop and maintain. Spring is such framework which provides the ease of integration with a lot of different frameworks which makes it easy to develop an application using Spring. One such integration is integration of ...

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Converting XML to JSON & Raw Use in MongoDB & Spring Batch

Overview Why convert XML to JSON for raw use in MongoDB? Since MongoDB uses JSON documents in order to store records, just as tables and rows store records in a relational database, we naturally need to convert our XML to JSON. Some applications may need to store raw (unmodified) JSON because there is uncertainty in how the data will be ...

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Writing RESTful Service using Node, Express and MongoDB

Looking at the popularity of Node.js, I thought of learning and creating a rest api that should create, delete and get employees from database and fortunately I did it. With this post, I will try to replicate the steps I followed while writing it along with references. Assuming Node.js is already installed in our system, let’s start creating nodejs-rest-api, following ...

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Making queries on demand: MongoDB outbound gateway

1- Introduction In order to read data from MongoDb, Spring Integration comes with the MongoDb inbound channel adapter. This adapter uses a poller to continuously retrieve documents from the database. However, sometimes we may need to query the database on demand, based on the result of another endpoint. Taking advantage of Spring’s extensibility, I implemented a MongoDb outbound gateway. The ...

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