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Local Microservices: First-Class Procedures

This is the third article in a three part series on local microservices.  The first two articles looked at: Object Orientation Behaviour Coupling ProblemBreaking the Jigsaw These articles identified the method coupling of Object Orientation creates a monolithic jigsaw of different shaped objects.  Microservices are breaking these into more manageable, smaller jigsaws that appear similar in shape. This article continues ...

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Microservices for Java Developers: API Gateways and Aggregators

1. Introduction In this post, we feature a comprehensive article on Microservices API Gateways and Aggregators. In the last part of the tutorial we were talking about the different means of how services in the microservices architecture discover each other. Hopefully it was a helpful discussion, but we left completely untouched the topic of how other consumers, like desktop, web ...

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Local Microservices: Breaking up the Jigsaw

This is part two in a three part series looking at local microservices running in the same process.  Part one identified the coupling problems in Object Orientation behaviour (found here).  This article will look at how microservices are helping reduce the coupling problem. Part Two: Breaking up the Jigsaw Part one identified that object behaviour coupling is similar to a ...

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Local Microservices: Object Orientation Behaviour Coupling Problem

This is the first in a three part series on how I see microservices are helping in relieving the Object Orientation behaviour coupling problems.  In looking at this problem, it identifies the ability for “local” microservices. The three part series will look at the following: Identifying the Object Orientation behaviour coupling problemHow microservices are reducing this coupling problemHow local microservices ...

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Microservices for Java Developers: Configuration, Service Discovery and Load Balancing

1. Configuration, Service Discovery and Load Balancing – Introduction Slowly but steadily we are moving towards getting our microservices ready to be deployed in production. In this section of the tutorial we are going to talk about three main subjects: configuration, service discovery and load balancing. Our goal is to understand the essential basic concepts rather to cover every option ...

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Microservices adventures: Ignoring platform complexity

I think there is a common misconception about microservices out there. The popular opinion is that microservices supposed to be the cure for all of our problems. However, I say that by themselves, they can only cure half of them. To cure the other half, you are supposed to combine microservices with the latest DevBizSecDbaQaOps practices and transform your company ...

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Build a Microservice Architecture with Spring Boot and Kubernetes


“I love writing authentication and authorization code.” ~ No Java Developer Ever. Tired of building the same login screens over and over? Try the Okta API for hosted authentication, authorization, and multi-factor auth. In this tutorial, you’re going to use Kubernetes to deploy a Spring Boot microservice architecture to Google Cloud, specifically the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). You’re also going ...

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Design real-time platform in microservices ecosystem

Microservices here, Microservices there… There a lot of knowledge sharing and best practices out there. On this post, I will share my real experience using microservices under real-time requirements, that add significant challenges to a distributed architecture. What would be the definition of “real-time”? I consider real-time as a timeline of request/response that takes no longer than 50ms. Indeed – ...

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