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Microservices for Java Developers: Testing

1. Introduction Since Kent Beck coined the idea of test-driven development (TDD) more than a decade ago, testing became an absolutely essential part of every software project which aims for success. Years passed, the complexity of the software systems has grown enormously so did the testing techniques but the same foundational principles are still there and apply. Table Of Contents ...

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Native microservices with SparkJava and Graal

Microservices written with SparkJava are just plain Java code using a standard Java library. No annotation magic, just code. The advantage of this simple style of programming is that it is, well, simple. It’s so simple that the Graal native compiler just compiles it without blinking, something which is currently very difficult with more complex frameworks like Spring, for example. ...

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Microservices for Java Developers: Managing Security and Secrets

1. Introduction Security is an exceptionally important element of the modern software systems. It is a huge topic by itself which includes a lot of different aspects and should never come as an afterthought. It is hard to get everything right, particularly in the context of the distributed microservice architecture, nonetheless along this part of the tutorial we are going ...

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Microservices for Java Developers: Microservices and fallacies of the distributed computing

1. Introduction The journey of implementing microservice architecture inherently implies building the complex distributed system. And fairly speaking, most of the real world software systems are far from being simple, but the distributed nature of the microservices amplifies the complexity a lot. In this part of the tutorial we are going to talk about some of the common traps that ...

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Spring Boot Microservices , Docker and Kubernetes workshop – part2

In the previous post we created our first micro service “ProductService” using SpringBoot and Docker. In this part we will go into details of how to manage multiple microservices using Spring Cloud, netflix libraries, API gateways . For our order management system, let’s say,  a minimal relationship could be something like this : So, let’s build 2 more services called “orderService” ...

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API Gateway & AWS Lambda for Authentication


When Foreach initially stepped on the microservices wagon, we didn’t really build microservices. We thought we did, but there was always some logic present in all of our services. Of course, every service should really only focus on its own tasks and not on things that belong to another microservice. The most obvious thorn in our side was authentication and authorization logic. At a certain point, we had a couple of “micro”-services that verified the Authorization headers of ...

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Microservices for Java Developers: Implementing microservices (synchronous, asynchronous, reactive, non-blocking)

1. Introduction The previous parts of the tutorial were focused on more or less high-level topics regarding microservice architecture, like for example different frameworks, communication styles and interoperability in the polyglot world. Although it was quite useful, starting from this part we are slowly getting down to earth and direct our attention to the practical side of things, as developers ...

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When microservices becomes darkservices

Micro services is great and many company comes and talk about it on how it is used for scaling team, product etc Microservices has dark side also and as a programmer you should know about it before going on ride. In this post i will share some of the myths/dark side about micro services We needs lots of micro services ...

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