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How Anti-Patterns Can Stifle Microservices Adoption in the Enterprise

Continuously build, test and monitor your Microservices for optimal performance. Summary For companies migrating their architecture to microservices, anti-patterns can be a major obstacle to success. Here’s how to identify and avoid them. In my last article, Microservice Patterns That Help Large Enterprises Speed Development, Deployment and Extension, we went over some deployment and communication patterns that help keep microservices ...

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Microservices for Java Developers: The Java / JVM Landscape

1. Introduction In the previous part of the tutorial we have covered a broad range of communication styles widely used while building microservices. It is time to put this knowledge into practical perspective by talking about most popular and battle-tested Java libraries and frameworks which may serve as the foundation of your microservice architecture implementation. Although there are quite a ...

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Microservice Patterns That Help Large Enterprises Speed Development, Deployment and Extension

Continuously build, test and monitor your Microservices for optimal performance. Summary Increase the productivity of your team, and the reliability of your code, with these useful microservice patterns. This is the first in a two-part series on microservice patterns and anti-patterns. In this article, we’ll focus on some useful patterns that, when leveraged, can speed up development, deployment, and extension. ...

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Microservices Messaging: Why REST Isn’t Always the Best Choice

Microservices are a big business. Thanks to advances in container orchestration, multi-process applications development and sheer user demand, companies are edging away from traditional monolithic applications towards distributed, highly-available microservices. Breaking applications into smaller chunks reaps rewards in many guises. However, with this distribution there arises a new requirement: messaging for inter-service communication. How does microservices messaging tie back to ...

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Application Safety and Correctness Cannot Be Offloaded to Istio or Any Service Mesh

I’ve recently started giving a talk about the evolution of integration and the adoption of service mesh, specifically Istio. I’ve been excited about Istio ever since I first heard about it back in January 2017; in fact I’ve been excited about this new wave of technology helping to make microservices and cloud-native architectures a possibility for organizations. Maybe you can ...

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Microservices for Java Developers: Microservices Communication

1. Introduction Microservice architecture is essentially a journey into engineering of the distributed system. As more and more microservices are being developed and deployed, most likely than not they have to talk to each other somehow. And these means of the communication vary not only by transport and protocol, but also if they happen synchronously or asynchronously. Table Of Contents ...

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Microservices for Java Developers: Introduction

1. Introduction Microservices, microservices, microservices … One of the hottest topics in the industry nowadays and the new shiny thing everyone wants to be doing, often without really thinking about the deep and profound transformations this architectural style requires both from the people and organization perspectives. In this tutorial we are going to talk about practical microservice architecture, starting from ...

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Speed Up Services With Reactive API in Java EE 8


Services can often be optimized with asynchronous processing even without changing their behavior towards the outside world. The reason why some services aren’t efficient is that they need to wait for other services to provide a result to continue further. Let’s look how to call external REST services without waiting for them and also do multiple parallel calls independently and ...

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Spark Microservices

As continuation of big data query system blog, i want to share more techniques for building Analytics engine. Take a problem where you have to build system that will be used for analyzing customer data at scale.           What options are available to solve this problem ? – Load the data in your favorite database and have ...

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