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Microservices for Java Developers: Introduction

1. Introduction Microservices, microservices, microservices … One of the hottest topics in the industry nowadays and the new shiny thing everyone wants to be doing, often without really thinking about the deep and profound transformations this architectural style requires both from the people and organization perspectives. In this tutorial we are going to talk about practical microservice architecture, starting from ...

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Speed Up Services With Reactive API in Java EE 8


Services can often be optimized with asynchronous processing even without changing their behavior towards the outside world. The reason why some services aren’t efficient is that they need to wait for other services to provide a result to continue further. Let’s look how to call external REST services without waiting for them and also do multiple parallel calls independently and ...

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Spark Microservices

As continuation of big data query system blog, i want to share more techniques for building Analytics engine. Take a problem where you have to build system that will be used for analyzing customer data at scale.           What options are available to solve this problem ? – Load the data in your favorite database and have ...

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Apache Derby Database Users and Permissions

Abstract Apache Derby is awesome! Especially in a Microservices environment where the data for services (may) shrink and not require a heartier RDBMS. Derby is awesome because it’s so easy to use, especially when it come to users and permissions – you don’t need any! But, it may be the case you want to create an application-level user with limited ...

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Secure a Spring Microservices Architecture with Spring Security and OAuth 2.0


“I love writing authentication and authorization code.” ~ No Java Developer Ever. Tired of building the same login screens over and over? Try the Okta API for hosted authentication, authorization, and multi-factor auth. Every developer wants to build faster and more efficiently, to support scale. Building a microservices architecture with Spring can add resilience and elasticity to your architecture that ...

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An Overview of the Service Mesh and Its Tooling Options

For an app to to function at its best, every part of the application stack needs to be optimized and modernized. Technologies like containers and container orchestration tools have brought this kind of modernization to the infrastructure layer of the stack. The way code is deployed is changing as applications are built and deployed in a more distributed manner. Microservices ...

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Bounded Context in my view

In this article, I will share my point of view about Bounded Context. I will try to answer questions like what does it mean and why is it required. We will also try to examine the connection between Bounded context and Microservices. I will try to keep it as simple as possible. This article targets to that audience who will ...

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What Is API Testing and Why Should We Be Using It?

Many companies are moving toward a microservices model for their software applications. This means that different sections of their application can have separate datastores and separate commands for interacting with that datastore. Microservices are appealing to software providers because they allow components of the software to be deployed more quickly; while one area of an application is updated, the other ...

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