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Incremental build with maven

This is 2020 and if you are starting any new java based project then gradle should be first option but for some reason if you are still stuck with Maven then you might find this post useful. Maven java/scala compiler plugin has decent support for incremental compilation but it is not able to handle few edge case like Trigger compilation ...

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Testing Maven Release Plugin Auto-Increment Version Number

Abstract The Maven release plugin is a very powerful tool and I rely on it heavily for coordinating software releases. Typically, software release version numbers follow a simple format. But recently I had need to add a qualifier to the version number – something like 1.0-beta-SNAPSHOT or 1.0.0-fix-bug-description-SNAPSHOT. After my 1st attempt to add the qualifier, the Maven release ...

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Migrating Spock 1.3 tests to Spock 2.0

Get know what you can expect from Spock 2.0 M1 (based on JUnit 5), how to migrate to it in Gradle and Maven, and why it is important to report spotted problems :). Important note. I definitely do not encourage you to migrate your real-life project to Spock 2.0 M1 for good! This is the first (pre-)release of 2.x with ...

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How to Build a Maven Plugin

Easily deploy your app with Okta’s identity management platform Use Okta’s API to authenticate, manage, and secure users in any app within minutes. Try Okta today. Apache Maven is still the most popular build tool in the Java space, thanks to the popularity of its ecosystem of plugins. It’s easy to find an existing plugin to do almost anything your ...

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Testing Spring Boot conditionals the sane way


If you are more or less experienced Spring Boot user, it is very luckily that at some point you may need to run into the situation when the particular beans or configurations have to be injected conditionally. The mechanics of it is well understood but sometimes the testing such conditions (and their combinations) could get messy. In this post we ...

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Creating Custom Maven Archetype

Maven archetypes are the project templates which can help us quickly create a maven starter project based on its type. It’s a great tool to bootstrap a maven project with least effort. There are wide options of archetypes available to us. Some of the popular archetypes include – maven-archetype-quickstart, maven-archetype-webapp, maven-archetype-archetype. To create a maven project with a specific archetype, ...

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Maven Dependency Scopes

Introduction: Managing dependencies is a core feature of Maven. When defining a maven dependency, the scope attribute defines the visibility of that dependency on different maven lifecycle phases such as build, test and run. The dependency scopes limit the transitivity of dependencies in any project, thereby affecting the classpath. Also, there are six different available dependency scopes in Maven. In ...

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