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Converting Helm Charts Into Jenkins X Apps

Your cluster is bound to run quite a few third-party applications. They need to be installed and managed somehow. This article offers one possible way to install and maintain third-party applications using Jenkins X Apps. We’ll use Istio as an example of such an application and try to figure out how to convert its official Helm charts into Jenkins X ...

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Field Notes from an Ad-Hoc Jenkins Pipeline

I recently had a challenge. I have written a PR to improve an open source library, but the owners of that library haven’t merged it. I don’t really want to wait until they merge the library until I can use it, so I need to deploy my copy of it, with a modified version ID, to a private artifactory server. ...

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Accessing and dumping Jenkins credentials

Most pipelines require secrets to authenticate with some external resources.All secrets should live outside of our code repository and should be fed directly into the pipeline. Jenkins offers a credentials store where we can keep our secrets and access them in a couple of different ways. Why dump credentials Jenkins is an easy pick when it comes to intelligence gathering. ...

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Private Jenkins Shared Libraries

The official documentation for Jenkins Shared Libraries is pretty good, but not perfect. This article expands on how to use Jenkins Shared Libraries with private git repositories, semantically version, and unit test your libraries and provides working examples which you can run yourself. Short Intro Jenkins Shared Library is a handy tool when dealing with multiple similar pipelines. If you ...

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Creating a Jenkinsfile pipeline

Basics of setting up a Jenkins multibranch pipeline job and defining a Jenkinsfile. Creating Multibranch Pipeline Job If you want to follow this article but don’t have a Jenkins instance at hand you can use my GitHub project to spin up a dockerized Jenkins: git clone https://github.com/hoto/jenkinsfile-examples.git cd jenkinsfile-examples docker-compose pull docker-compose up Let’s open Jenkins by going to localhost:8080 ...

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Tools For Software Engineering Teams

The effect of poorly performing web applications echoes across various parts of the business. The more breakage there is, the more busy support teams get. There is less traction, and product teams are puzzled about user retention. Engineers are inundated with bug-fixes, leaving no time for feature development. Business stakeholders receive no insight into performance improvements. Engineering managers cannot clearly ...

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Jenkins on AWS (part 1)


This are my verbatim notes to the PEAT UK podcast: Hello there once again to another hot shot. My name is Peter Pilgrim. I have been a DevOps specialist, welcome to another episode. This is hotshot 11 Jenkins n AWS part one, I have been a platform engineer and I am a Java Champion. In this episode, I am going ...

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Automating Jenkins Docker Setup

Jenkins is, by far, the most used CI/CD tool in the market. That comes as no surprise since it’s been around for a while, it has one of the biggest open source communities, it has enterprise version for those who need it, and it is straightforward to extend it to suit (almost) anyone’s needs. Products that dominate the market for ...

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