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JavaScript Check if Variable is a Number Example

1. Introduction JavaScript is referred to as a dynamically typed language. What that means is that the language has data types but variables can hold values of different data types at different points in time. We can declare a variable and assign a string and subsequently assign a number to it as follows: let name = "Siddharth"; name = 39; ...

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JavaScript Generators Example

Greetings readers! In this tutorial, we will explore the JavaScript Generators. 1. JavaScript Generators – Introduction JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language that allows the client-side scripting to interact with a user and deliver the dynamic pages. Most web browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera, etc. support it. The JavaScript scripting language includes: Declaring ...

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Coding Skills That Will Elevate Your Digital Marketing Career

Digital marketing platforms are teeming with an ever-increasing array of marketing software that you can use to stay competitive and keep up with the demands of the increasingly tech-savvy users. Today’s digital marketing is largely data-driven, and to have an edge over the competition, you need to use the right software on the various marketing platforms wisely and decisively to ...

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Implicit _target=”blank”

The target="_blank" href attributes has been the subject of many discussions. When is it right to use it, should we use it at all, is it actually deprecated, is it good user experience, does it break user expectations, etc. And I have a strange proposal for improving the standard behaviour in browsers – implicit target=_blank" in certain contexts. But let’s ...

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AES Encryption in Javascript and Decryption in Java

AES stands for Advanced Encryption System and it’s a symmetric encryption algorithm.Many times we require to encrypt some plain-text such as password at the client side and send it to server and then server decrypts it to process further.AES encryption and decryption is easier to implement in the same platform such as Android client and Java server but sometimes it ...

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7 Ways ES2015 Can Improve Your JavaScript Programming

AppDynamics enables companies to achieve and maintain the level of application performance that’s demanded by today’s software defined business. Try AppDynamics for Java and get started troubleshooting in a matter of minutes. ES6 is a major update to the JavaScript language, the first since the adoption of ES5 in 2009. The features of ES6 are being incorporated into JavaScript engines ...

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Java Is Superior To React Native In Practically Every Way


I got into a discussion with a colleague on the Java vs. JavaScript subject, which is a problematic subject to begin with. He then mentioned how great React Native is, I decided I have to look into it and maybe grab some ideas for Codename One… There are some nice ideas there, but none of them is revolutionary or exceptional ...

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