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Gradle Configuration

In this post, we feature a comprehensive article about Gradle Configuration. 1. Technology Gradle is an open-source build tool for automatic task management. It builds upon the concept of Apache Ant, Apache Maven. Gradle is developed using the Groovy language. Gradle is developed using Groovy-based Domain Specific Language (DSL). The Gradle build contains the tasks in Groovy language, as Apache ...

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Removing elements from a Map in Java

Very short and simple post on removing elements from a Map in Java. We will be focusing on removing multiple elements and ignore the fact you can remove a single element using Map.remove. The Map below will be used for this post: Map<Integer, String> map = new HashMap<>(); map.put(1, "value 1"); map.put(2, "value 2"); map.put(3, "value 3"); map.put(4, "value 4"); ...

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JVM Architecture: Overview of JVM and JVM Architecture

Hello readers! In this tutorial, we will understand and learn the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and its architecture. This tutorial will help you to correctly answer the below questions: What is JVM in Java? Different components of JVM Difference between JVM, JRE, and JDK 1. Introduction Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is an abstract virtual machine that resides on your computer ...

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Doing stuff with Spring WebFlux


Spring Boot 2.0 went GA recently, so I decided to write my first post about Spring for quite a while. Since the release I have been seeing more and more mentions of Spring WebFlux along with tutorials on how to use it. But after reading through them and trying to get it working myself, I found it a bit hard ...

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Java 8: A Closer Look at Speedment 3.0.1 “Forest” Stream ORM

Following the Road I have been contributing to the open-source project Speedment (which is a Stream ORM Java Toolkit and Runtime) and a new major version called 3.0.1 “Forest” was just released. Releases are named after the avenues in Palo Alto, California where most of the contributors work. Each new major release gets a new name by following Middlefield Road southwards. The ...

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Guavate: tiny library bridging Guava and Java8

Java8 is great and adds some useful abstractions to the JDK that have found popularity in the Java community via the wonderful Guava commons library from Google. Group discussion indicates that there will be a Guava version soon that requires Java 8 and closes the gap between Guava and Java8. However, until such a time, the rest of us using ...

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Default & Static Methods In Interfaces

In our original Java 8 support announcement post we specifically mentioned the lack of streams but completely missed the fact that default/static native interfaces didn’t work. This is now fixed thanks to an alert community member who pointed that out. It seems that these features are turned off by default for retrolambda due to limitations that require a clean build ...

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How to Generate Customized Java 8 Code with Plugins

One thing most programmers hate is to write boilerplate code. Endless hours are spent setting up entity classes and configuring database connections. To avoid this you can let a program like Speedment Open Source generate all this code for you. This makes it easy to get a database project up and running with minimal manual labour, but how do you ...

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Java 8: Use Smart Streams with Your Database in 2 Minutes

Streaming with Speedment When Java 8 finally arrived, some colleges and I started an open-source project to take the whole Java/DB issue one step further by leveraging on Java 8’s stream library, so that database tables could be viewed as pure Java 8 streams. Speedment was born! Wow, now we can do type-safe database applications without having to write SQL-code any ...

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