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Of Hacking Enums and Modifying ‘final static’ Fields

In this newsletter, originally published in The Java Specialists’ Newsletter Issue 161 we examine how it is possible to create enum instances in the Sun JDK, by using the reflection classes from the sun.reflect package. This will obviously only work for Sun’s JDK. If you need to do this on another JVM, you’re on your own. This all started with ...

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Java Enum puzzler

Let’s suppose we have the following code: enum Case { CASE_ONE, CASE_TWO, CASE_THREE; private static final int counter; private int valueDependsOnCounter; static { int sum = 0; for(int i = 0; i<10; i++) { sum +=i; } counter = sum; } Case() { this.valueDependsOnCounter = counter*counter; } } What do you think is the result of compiling and running the ...

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