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Spring Boot Microservices , Docker and Kubernetes workshop – part3

In the previous posts we build few micro services (Order Service, Product Service, Customer Service) for an order management system using Docker and Spring Boot. We used Netflix libraries to manage, discover and load balance the micro services. Managing these micro services and their multiple containers could get a bit tricky; especially in terms of Scalability, Observability, Security, Monitoring and ...

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Get Started with the ELK Stack

Friends don’t let friends write user auth. Tired of managing your own users? Try Okta’s API and Java SDKs today. Authenticate, manage, and secure users in any application within minutes. Good design principles require that microservices architectures are observable, and provide a centralized monitoring tool. This tool allows development teams to verify the overall system health, inspect logs and errors, ...

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Service Mesh and Cloud-Native Microservices with Apache Kafka, Kubernetes and Envoy, Istio, Linkerd

Microservice architectures are not free lunch! Microservices need to be decoupled, flexible, operationally transparent, data aware and elastic. Most material from last years only discusses point-to-point architectures with tightly coupled and non-scalable technologies like REST / HTTP. This blog post takes a look at cutting edge technologies like Apache Kafka, Kubernetes, Envoy, Linkerd and Istio to implement a cloud-native service ...

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Dockerizing a Spring Boot Application

Hello Friends, In this tutorial,we will see how we can dockerize our Spring Boot Application.By dockerizing ,we mean that we are going to run our application as docker container. Following are the steps involved : 1. Create a Spring Boot Application2. Install Docker on your machine3. Create a Docker file in your project4. Docker build using docker file5. Docker run ...

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Java Single Dependency Dockerized HTTP Endpoint

In this article, we will create a Java-based HTTP endpoint, make an executable jar out of it, pack it up in Docker and run it locally in no time. This article is intended for beginners, who want to looking for a simple walk-through for running a Java application in Docker. The vast majority of examples out there describing Java applications ...

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Pass multiple commands on Docker run

Docker apart form serving our workloads efficiently is also an amazing tool when it comes to not installing additional binaries to your workstation. Eventually you will find it very easy and simple to just run only one command on docker. For example I want to run a hello world in go. My source code is going to be the simple ...

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