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KivaKit – Docker Build Environment

KivaKit – Docker Build Environment    KivaKit 1.2.3 provides a Docker build environment that makes it easy to build KivaKit without installing software or configuring the build environment. Launching the Build Environment    Once Docker has been installed, the KivaKit Docker build environment can be launched with a few simple commands: export KIVAKIT_WORKSPACE=~/workspaces/kivakit mkdir -p $KIVAKIT_WORKSPACE cd $KIVAKIT_WORKSPACE git clone ...

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Docker introduction for beginners

This docker startup tutorial is designed for everyone who is interested to learn docker in a easy way. Main goal behind this tutorial is to make docker learning simple. As docker has simplified many things for software development, hence it is very important for everyone to know how to use docker in software development. In this blog we will cover ...

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Kubernetes pod as a Bastion Host

In Cloud Native apps private networks, databases and services are a reality. An infrastructure can be fully private and only a limited number of entry points can be available. Obviously the more restricted the better. Still there are cases where there has not been any infrastructure setup for the private services and ways to link towards them. however if there ...

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Replacing Docker Desktop with hyperkit + minikube

MacOS is a Unix but it isn’t a Linux so, unfortunately, if/when we need to use linux-y things like docker we need to install a VM just like in the Windows world. That’s of course also true for docker. Like most people I’ve been using Docker Desktop for a lot of years to get my fix for container. It works ...

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Container Orchestration | Definition, Benefits & How It Works

Container Orchestration | Definition, Benefits & How It Works In the 1970’s, the concept of a container-based application emerged to transform the IT world. For the first time, the software was deployed consistently and reliably regardless of the target environment’s changes (private or public cloud, personal computer, etc.). With the development of containers, container orchestration has become a trending topic ...

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Testing using TestContainers


Part of our everyday ci/cd tasks involve using containers in order for the tests to take effect.So what if you could control the containers you use through your tests and serve your scenarios better.Also what if you could do this in a more managed way? Testcontainers is a Java library that supports JUnit tests, providing lightweight, throwaway instances of common ...

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Quarkus remote dev in Docker containers (Update)

In an earlier video, I shared how to run the Quarkus remote-dev mode in Docker containers, which is very helpful for local and remote development environments. Since Quarkus version 1.6, however, the way how we execute the remote dev mode has changed. Assuming, we’d like to have the same setup like in the mentioned video. What’s new is that we ...

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