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Adopting a DevOps Culture: A Definitive Guide

Adopting a DevOps culture requires a change of mindset, process, and culture at the enterprise level. But, the organization needs to have all software development teams on the same page. Without everyone working towards a common goal, you won’t have desired success. Many people think that adopting DevOps is only about dividing the task among various teams and assigning specific ...

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Kicking The Tyres

In my role as a software development consultant, I am often called on to boost software development practices up to the next level. Although I’ve written checklists in the past for doing this across teams, often it’s a case of looking at the team’s current challenges, and getting a sense of which are the most impactful areas to address at ...

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Agile Vs. DevOps: What’s the difference?

In the IT business, one of the never-ending debate topics is – Agile vs. DevOps. However, both processes are completely different from each other; yet they still have some similarities. In this blog, let’s first have a quick look at defining agile and DevOps methodologies, their differences, and similarities. Defining Agile Agile methodology is a practice, which promotes continuous iteration ...

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Microservices for Java Developers: Monitoring and Alerting

1. Introduction In this last part of the tutorial we are going to talk about the topic where all the observability pillars come together: monitoring and alerting. For many, this subject belongs strictly to operations and the only way you know it is somehow working is when you are on-call and get pulled in. Table Of Contents 1. Introduction 2. ...

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The 2019 Guide To Pursuing a Full Agile Software Lifecycle

Running a successful software development business can be extremely challenging. This industry is filled with competition, which is why your main focus should be keeping the software development process fast and efficient is a must. If you are able to provide clients with high-quality software in a faster timeframe than your competitor, you should have no problem growing your company ...

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Java Is Becoming What COBOL Was – Will It Become What COBOL Is?

Any computer science graduate from a university, technical school or community college is trained in it. Every company of any stature uses the language and has a cadre of programmers capable in it. It is the lingua franca that drives businesses. This was COBOL in 1985. Today, it’s Java. While there are differences, these two languages share enough similarity in their ...

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