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Deep Learning Example: Apache Kafka & Python & Keras &TensorFlow & Deeplearning4j

I added a new example to my “Machine Learning + Kafka Streams Examples” Github project: “Python + Keras + TensorFlow + DeepLearning4j + Apache Kafka + Kafka Streams“. This blog post discusses the motivation and why this is a great combination of technologies for scalable, reliable Machine Learning infrastructures. For more details about building Machine Learning / Deep Learning infrastructures ...

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Building a Simple Neural Network With Eclipse Deeplearning4j

Introduction to Neural Networks Deep learning encompasses both deep neural networks and deep reinforcement learning, which are subsets of machine learning, which itself is a subset of artifical intelligence. Broadly speaking, deep neural networks perform machine perception that extracts important features from raw data and makes some sort of prediction about each observation. Examples include identifying objects represented in images, ...

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