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Problems with Cobertura and Sonar 5.1

Recently, I was having some bother trying to use Sonar 5.1 with my Grails 2.4.4 project. I was using the usual Groovy stuff:Gmetrics, Codenarc and Cobertura. For the Sonar database I was using Postgres 9.4. The logfile for the Sonar runner just gave me this: build 22-Jun-2015 07:44:30 INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ build 22-Jun-2015 07:44:30 INFO: EXECUTION FAILURE build 22-Jun-2015 07:44:30 INFO: ...

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Cobertura and Maven: Code Coverage for Integration and Unit Tests

On the turmeric project, we maintain a nightly dashboard. On the dash board we collect statistics about the project, including code coverage, findbugs analysis and other metrics. We had been using the Maven EMMA plugin to provide code coverage, but ran into a problem with EMMA. It was causing test failures after the classes were instrumented. So we disabled the ...

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Covering your tests with Cobertura, JUnit, HSQLDB, JPA

Hello, how are you? Let us talk today about a very useful tool named “Cobertura”. This framework has the same functions of the Emma framework that we saw in another post. The major difference between Cobertura and Emma is that Cobertura displays the resume page with graphics. If you want to see the other topics about this subject click on ...

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My Testing and Code Analysis Toolbox

Last week we kicked of a “Testing Skill Group” at LINEAS, a group for exchanging knowledge about testing. One question that came up over and over again in various flavors was: What tools are there for testing and analyzing your code? So here is my personal answer for this, in the approximately order I tend to introduce them into projects: ...

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