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Test Orchestration and Its Need for Successful Automation

We all know, the biggest challenge for any organization is the changing needs of the customers and finding a way to address these quickly without any compromise on quality. Agile Software Development methodology followed by most organizations plays a crucial role in handling this competitive situation. The Agile approach demands integrating the product component, deploying the product in a pre-production ...

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A Brief Overview Of Regression Testing

Studies have indicated that after installing a new app, only a quarter of the users return to the app on the second day. The retention rate is eminently low and the majority of the users uninstall the app after the first use. You might have guessed the reason for this. If you think the reason is scanty testing then you ...

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17 Best Tips To Write Effective Test Cases

Test cases are the first step in any testing cycle and are very important for any project. If anything goes wrong at this step, the impact gets proliferated in the entire software testing process. This can be avoided if the testers use proper procedure and guidelines while creating the test case template. In this blog, I am going to share some ...

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