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It is never enough of them: enriching Apache Avro generated classes with custom Java annotations

Apache Avro, along with Apache Thrift and Protocol Buffers, is often being used as a platform-neutral extensible mechanism for serializing structured data. In the context of event-driven systems, the Apache Avro‘s schemas play the role of the language-agnostic contracts, shared between loosely-coupled components of the system, not necessarily written using the same programming language. Probably, the most widely adopted reference ...

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Apache Thrift with Java quickstart

Apache Thrift is a RPC framework founded by facebook and now it is an Apache project. Thrift lets you define data types and service interfaces in a language neutral definition file. That definition file is used as the input for the compiler to generate code for building RPC clients and servers that communicate over different programming languages. You can refer ...

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Apache Thrift Quickstart Tutorial

Thrift is a cross language RPC framework initially developed at Facebook, now open sourced as an Apache project. This post will describe how to write a thrift service and client in different modes such as blocking, non blocking and asynchronous. (I felt latter two modes are less documented and needed some tutorial type introduction, hence the motivation of this post). ...

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