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Java 9, 10 and Beyond: The Future of the Java Platform

Your secret weapon to keeping up with everything that’s new in the Java platform It feels like ever since the release of Java 9 last September, the whole Platform has gone through some drastic changes. Before we could even wrap our minds around everything that Java 9 has to offer us, we were already marking the release of Java 10. ...

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Mocking SecurityContext in Jersey Tests


Jersey has a great possibility to write integration test for REST-APIs, written with Jersey. Just extend the class JerseyTest and go for it. I ran in an issue, where I had to mock a SecurityContext, so that the SecurityContext includes a special UserPrincipal. The challenge is that Jersey wraps the SecurityContext in an own class SecurityContextInjectee in tests. So I have ...

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Ant 1.10.3 released with JUnit 5 support

We just released 1.9.11 and 1.10.3 versions of Ant today. The downloads are available on the Ant project’s download page. Both these releases are mainly bug fix releases, especially the 1.9.11 version. The 1.10.3 release is an important one for a couple of reasons. The previous 1.10.2 release, unintentionally introduced a bunch of changes which caused regressions in various places in Ant ...

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3 Pitfalls Everyone Should Avoid with Hybrid Multicloud (Part 1)

The daily cloud hype is all around you, yet there are three pitfalls everyone should avoid. From cloud, hybrid cloud, to hybrid multicloud, you’re told this is the way to ensure a digital future for your business. These choices you’ve got to make don’t preclude the daily work of enhancing your customer’s experience and agile delivery of those applications. Let’s ...

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Creational Design Patterns: Prototype Pattern

The prototype pattern is used in order to create a copy of an object. This pattern can be really useful especially when creating an object from scratch is costly. In comparison with the builder, factory and abstract factory patterns it does not create an object from scratch it clones/recreates it. In comparison with the singleton pattern it creates multiple copies ...

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Creational Design Patterns: Singleton Pattern

The singleton design pattern is a software design pattern the restricts the the instantiation of a class to one object. In comparison with other creational design patterns such as the abstract factory, factory and the builder pattern the singleton will create an object but will also be responsible so that only one instance of that object exists. When creating a ...

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Kotlin and JUnit 5 @BeforeAll

Introduction In Kotlin, classes do not have static methods. A Java equivalent semantic can be provided to callers using the concept of a companion object though. This post will go into details of what it takes to support a JUnit 5 @BeforeAll and @AfterAll annotation which depend on the precense of a static methods in test classes. BeforeAll and AfterAll in Java Junit ...

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Git Tutorial for Beginners

1. What is Git ? Git is a popular file versioning system used globally by numerous developers for their projects. It is lightweight and swift in its performance as compared to the likes. With a number of UI based tools to assist in Git based versioning, it has become extremely convenient for the developers to use Git Versioning System. Git flaunts ...

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Spring Security with Maven Tutorial


1. Introduction In this post, we shall demonstrate how to use Maven dependencies for Spring Security for very specific use-cases. The latest versions of all the libraries we use can be found on the Maven Central. Understanding how Maven dependencies work and are managed is important in a project for an effective build cycle and clear concepts about what versions ...

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