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Better late than never: SSE, or Server-Sent Events, are now in JAX-RS


Server-Sent Events (or just SSE) is quite useful protocol which allows the servers to push data to the clients over HTTP. This is something our web browsers support for ages but, surprisingly, neglected by JAX-RS specification for quite a long time. Although Jersey had an extension available for SSE media type, the API has never been formalized and as such, ...

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How to Use Testing Metrics in an Agile Environment

The idea behind the Agile approach to project management is to encourage collaboration, transparency, and responsiveness to feedback among an integrated team. Agile software development means using the set of principles outlined in the Agile manifesto to develop high-quality working software, frequently. The Agile methodology emphasizes fast-paced software development, meaning software testing must also be performed at speed while remaining ...

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Set up private blockchain with Ethereum (part 1)

I don’t think it needs introduction about the current hype that is going on with Blockchain, bitcoin, Ethereum and other initiatives. To get more feeling about what it is and how it works I decided to have a go with Ethereum as it promises to be a possible disruptive solution for lots of different use cases. Without going into the ...

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Design Patterns in API Gateways and Microservices

For all the buzz about microservices and API gateways, finding specifics can prove surprisingly difficult. I am reminded of the cartoon by Sidney Harris where the first step of a complex mathematical formula is presented, then a miracle occurs, and the sudden appearance of the glorious solution prompts an observer to comment that perhaps we should be more explicit in ...

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Java Command-Line Interfaces (Part 29): Do-It-Yourself

This series on parsing command line arguments from Java has briefly introduced 28 open source libraries that can be used to process command-line arguments from Java code. Even with these 28 libraries covered, the series has not covered all available open source libraries for parsing command line options from Java. For example, this series has not covered docopt, dolphin getopt, ...

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Why is Spring’s Health Down, Down, Up, Up, Up and Down again?

Why Our new JavaScript client application regularly calls the /health endpoint of our Grails backend to determine on- of offline state. Things started to become “funny” with it. This endpoint we get for free, since Grails is based on Spring Boot, which comes with a sub-project called Spring Boot Actuator. This gives us a a bunch of endpoints which allows ...

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