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Transactions Made Simple Using Speedment 3.0.17 and Above

Transactions Sometimes we want to make sure that our database operations are executed atomically and separated from other operations. This is where transactions come into play. A transaction is a set of operation proposals that may or may not be accepted by the database as an atomic operation. So, either all operations in the transaction are accepted or no operations ...

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Docker for Java Developers: Build on Docker

This article is part of our Academy Course titled Docker Tutorial for Java Developers. In this course, we provide a series of tutorials so that you can develop your own Docker based applications. We cover a wide range of topics, from Docker over command line, to development, testing, deployment and continuous integration. With our straightforward tutorials, you will be able ...

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Controlling parallelism level of Java parallel streams

With recent Java 9 release we got many new goodies to play with and improve our solutions once we grasp those new features. The release of Java 9 is also a good time to revise whether we have grasped Java 8 features. In this post I’d like to bust the most common misconception about Java parallel streams. It’s often said ...

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Introduction to Apache Kafka


What is Apache Kafka? Apache Kafka is a distributed streaming system with publish and subscribe the stream of records. In another aspect it is an enterprise messaging system. It is highly fast, horizontally scalable and fault tolerant system. Kafka has four core APIs called, Producer API: This API allows the clients to connect to Kafka servers running in cluster and ...

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Spring Boot web application with Gradle

1. Introduction Before we move on to create our demo Spring Boot web application with Gradle, I assume we all are ready with the Gradle setup. Guide to Gradle Setup Gradle Official Website 2. Creating Demo Application Now that we ready with the plugin installed, create a new Gradle project as shown below –     Clicking on Next, specify ...

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Refactoring vs. Redesign

It often happens that developers use words Refactoring and Redesign interchangeably. Why? I think that is because in both cases we are ending with the same result – code that is changed, but it does exactly the same thing as it was capable of doing at the beginning of the process. Yet, in my opinion those words are not exact ...

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I Still Prefer Eclipse Over IntelliJ IDEA

Over the years I’ve observed an inevitable shift from Eclipse to IntelliJ IDEA. Last year they were almost equal in usage, and I have the feeling things are swaying even more towards IDEA. IDEA is like the iPhone of IDEs – its users tell you that “you will feel how much better it is once you get used to it”, ...

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Using Google reCaptcha with Spring Boot application


Introduction reCaptcha by Google is a library used to prevent bots from submitting data to your public forms or accessing your public data. In this post, we will look at how to integrate reCaptcha with a Spring Boot based web application Setting up reCaptcha You should create an API key from admin panel. You have to create a sample app ...

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