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Communicating Design

Software design is crucial. It is the foundation of an application. Much like a blueprint, it provides a common platform for parties from all backgrounds. It facilitates understanding, collaboration, and development. Design should not be considered only an element of development. It should not live solely in developers’ minds, otherwise teams will find it near to impossible to grow, as ...

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Apache Spark Packages, from XML to JSON

The Apache Spark community has put a lot of effort into extending Spark. Recently, we wanted to transform an XML dataset into something that was easier to query. We were mainly interested in doing data exploration on top of the billions of transactions that we get every day. XML is a well-known format, but sometimes it can be complicated to ...

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So, Oracle killed

Well, not yet…but they announced to shutdown and kenai by May 2017. I have been interviewed about this for an ADTmag article The ‘Sunsetting’ of Kenai and by John K. Waters. As Oracle provided little information to what will happen to critical projects that are already hosted on, most of what was written in the article is ...

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The Java Syncrhonisers

Threads communication happens primarily by sharing access to fields and objects. Although extremely efficient, this form of communication is prone to errors such as thread interference and memory consistency. Synchronization is a tool that helps to prevent such errors. However, synchronization does not come for free and can introduce latency when accessing a lock or object that is currently being ...

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A Beginner’s Guide to the Dockerfile

The humble but powerful Dockerfile is the building block of Docker images and containers. In essence, it’s a list of commands the Docker engine runs to assemble the image, and thus instances of images as containers. Let’s look at an example before learning to construct our own. This is the Dockerfile for RethinkDB, a popular open-source, real-time database. dockerfile FROM ...

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Building a compiler for your own language: from the parse tree to the Abstract Syntax Tree

In this post we are going to see how process and transform the information obtained from the parser. The ANTLR parser recognizes the elements present in the source code and build a parse tree. From the parse tree we will obtain the Abstract Syntax Tree which we will use to perform validation and produce compiled code. Note that the terminology can vary: ...

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Reducing Your Docker Image Size

When architecting Docker applications, keeping your images as lightweight as possible has a lot of practical benefits. It makes things faster, more portable, and less prone to breaks. Lightweight images also make it easier to use services like Jet, Codeship’s Docker CI/CD platform; they’re less likely to present complex problems that are hard to troubleshoot, and it takes less time ...

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Achieving Order Guarnetee in Kafka with Partitioning


One of the most important features of Kafka is to do load balancing of messages and guarantee ordering in a distributed cluster, which otherwise would not be possible in a traditional queue. Lets first try and understand the problem statement Let us assume we have a topic where messages are sent and there is a consumer who is consuming these ...

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You’re Doing It Wrong: Retrospectives

If you’re already doing agile wrong, retrospectives are one of the first things you let go of. A shame really, but if you’re doing something wrong, you better screw up the thing that will bring you the most value. Why does dropping retrospective seem the least harmful? If you think planning is important (because it shows you think about work), and ...

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