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Long-term log analysis with AWS Redshift

You will aggregate a lot of logs over the lifetime of your product and codebase, so it’s important to be able to search through them. In the rare case of a security issue, not having that capability is incredibly painful. You might be able to use services that allow you to search through the logs of the last two weeks ...

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Tech Lead – Circles of Responsibility

One of my projects this year is a training program for developing Tech Leads. In preparation for the course, I developed this diagram below to explain what areas we focus on and found the model resonated very well with people who interact with Tech Leads, but probably don’t really know what Tech Leads do. I also found it has been ...

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Cloud Application Design Considerations

When designing applications for the cloud, irrespective of the chosen platform, I have often found it useful to consider four specific topics during my initial discussions; scalability, availability, manageability and feasibility. It is important to remember that the items presented under each topic within this article are not an exhaustive list and are aimed only at presenting a starting point ...

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Types of JMSContext in JMS 2.0


If you follow Java EE, the simplified API components in JMS 2.0 (Java EE 7) will not be unknown to you. One of the important interfaces which forms a part of the simplified API is the javax.jms.JMSContext interface. JMSContext can be categorized in to two types depending on how it’s instance is obtained and managed (life cycle) – Container managed ...

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The inevitable imbalance in pair programming

At some point throughout a developers career, no matter their experience, they will most likely find themselves in a situation where they are either the Junior or the Senior of the two in a pair programming session. In this context, being the Junior does not only mean being a less experienced developer, but it could also mean somebody that has ...

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Trust, Accountability, and Where Does the Time Go?

As more of my clients transition to agile, many of them have a fascinating question: How do I assess who is doing what on my team? When I ask why they want to know, they say it’s all related to reviews, rewards, and general compensation. They are still discussing individual compensation, not team compensation. When I ask why they want ...

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Implementing Client-Side Row-Level Security with jOOQ

Some time ago, we’ve promised to follow up on our Constraints on Views article with a sequel showing how to implement client-side row-level security with jOOQ. What is row-level security? Some databases like Oracle or the upcoming PostgreSQL 9.5 provide native support for row-level security, which is awesome – but not every database has this feature. Row level security essentially ...

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Heroku PostgreSQL vs. Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is becoming the relational database of choice for web development for a whole host of good reasons. That means that development teams have to make a decision on whether to host their own or use a database as a service provider. The two biggest players in the world of PostgreSQL are Heroku PostgreSQL and Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL. Today ...

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Does DevOps Reduce Technical Debt – or Make it Worse?

DevOps can help reduce technical debt in some fundamental ways. Continuous Delivery/Deployment First, building a Continuous Delivery/Deployment pipeline, automating the work of migration and deployment, will force you to clean up inconsistencies and holes in configuration and code deployment, and inconsistencies between development, test and production environments. And automated Continuous Delivery and Infrastructure as Code gets rid of dangerous one-of-a-kind ...

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