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Rebooting ALM Part I: Evolution

This is the first in a series about Rebooting ALM. I’m going to present this next at Agile Slovenia in a week, don’t miss it. I’ve started thinking about how Application Life Cycle Management has changed over the years. It’s funny, because what’s the first thing they teach you in agile class (I hope)? “Individuals and interactions over processes and ...

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JavaFX is Here to Stay!

The last week has seen some discussion on the web related to the future of JavaFX. Many people got the impression that JavaFX will be put on ice by Oracle. This was primarily caused by a blog post written by Shai Almog (Codename One) called “Should Oracle Spring Clean JavaFX”. It was  “inspired” by a blog that I had written a little bit ...

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A Step by Step Guide for Dockerizing and Managing a Java App on 28 Different Application Stacks

To run & manage the 28 Java application templates in this project on 13 different clouds and virtualization platforms (including vSphere, OpenStack, AWS, Rackspace, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Engine, DigitalOcean, IBM SoftLayer, etc.), make sure that you either: Sign Up for FREE on — (no credit card required), or Download DCHQ On-Premise Standard Edition for FREE — View all the published Docker Java application ...

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How to Clone Git Repositories with JGit

Whatever you plan to do with an existing repository, first a clone has to be created. Whether you plan to contribute or just want to peek at its history, a local copy of the repository is needed. While cloning a repository with JGit isn’t particularly difficult, there are a few details that might be worth noting. And because there are ...

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A Refresher – Java EE 7 At A Glance


As the Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 7 (EAP 7) is looming on the horizon and even the WebLogic server just recently got Java EE 7 certified, I thought it might be about time to give you a little refresher about the Java Enterprise Edition 7 features and point you towards further resources. Java EE 7 – Developer Productivity, ...

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OpenMap Tutorial 3 – Build a basic map application using the MapHandler – Part 2

1. Introduction In the previous tutorial we saw how the MapHandler can wire up various components together (more specifically classes that derive from MapHandlerChild). We saw how we could do this programmatically, but there is also another way, declaratively, using the The sample OpenMap application is configured with an file. The contents of this properties file specify which ...

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The 5 Java logging rules

Logging is a critical factor that should be always kept into account during the software development. When something bad happens in production, the log files are usually the starting point of our fault analysis. And, often, they are the only information in our hands to understand what is happened and which is the root cause of the problem. It is ...

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