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Easy Blue-Green Deployments on Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS) is Amazon’s solution for running and orchestrating Docker containers. It provides an interface for defining and deploying Docker containers to run on clusters of EC2 instances. The initial setup and configuration of an ECS cluster is not exactly trivial, but once configured it works well and makes running and scaling container-based applications relatively easy. ECS ...

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The performance impact of scripting in processes

We often see people using the scripting (for example in a service task, execution listener, etc.) for various purposes. Using scripts versus Java logic makes often sense: It does not need to be packaged into a jar and put on the classpath It makes the process definition more understandable: no need to look into different files The logic is part of the process ...

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Need Robust Software? Make It Fragile

In any software project, the goal is to create something stable. We don’t want it to break in front of a user. We also don’t want our website to show an “internal application error” instead of a web page. We want our software to work, not fail. That’s a perfectly valid and logical desire, but in order to achieve that, ...

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“Forget me” and Tests

Your users have profiles on your web application. And normally you should give them a way to delete their profiles (at least that’s what the European Court has decided). That “simply” means you need to have a /forget-me endpoint which deletes every piece of data for the current user. From the database, from the file storage, from the search engine, ...

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When Do You Stop Testing?

There is a software to be tested. There is a team of testers. There is some money in the budget. There is some time in the schedule. We start right now. Testers are trying to break the product, finding bugs, reporting bugs, communicating with programmers when necessary, doing their best to find what’s wrong. Eventually they stop and say “we’re ...

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Android push notification using Parse

Android push notification is a service used to send messages directly to the Android smart phones. Using this service, developers can send data to Android apps as soon as it is available, in this way Android app doesn’t have to make requests to the server to know if new information are available. Using Android push service, apps can save smartphone ...

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Rest client calls with Spring Cloud


There are a few interesting ways to make REST client calls with the Spring-Cloud project. Spring-Cloud rest support builds on top of the core Netflix OSS libraries, but abstracts them and in the process simplifies using the libraries. RestTemplate As a first step let us consider the traditional way to make Rest calls through Spring based applications, using RestTemplate: public ...

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Stack smashing detected

 I bet every Java developer has been surprised at some point in the beginning of their career when they first encounter native methods in Java code. I am also sure that the surprise has later vanished over the years with coming to understand how the JVM handles calls to native implementations via JNI. This post is about a recent experience with ...

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