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Andriy completed his Master Degree in Computer Science at Zhitomir Institute of Engineering and Technologies, Ukraine. For the last fifteen years he has been working as the Consultant/Software Developer/Senior Software Developer/Team Lead for a
many successful projects including several huge software systems for customers from North America and Europe.

Andriy is a well-grounded software developer with more then 12 years of practical experience using Java/EE, C#/.NET, C++, Groovy, Ruby, functional programming (Scala), databases (MySQL, PostreSQL, Oracle) and NoSQL solutions (MongoDB, Redis).

It’s been a while since Java 8 is out in the public and everything points to the fact that this is a really major release. We have provided an abundance of tutorials here at Java Code Geeks, like Playing with Java 8 – Lambdas and Concurrency, Java 8 Date Time API Tutorial: LocalDateTime and Abstract Class Versus Interface in the JDK 8 Era.

We also referenced 15 Must Read Java 8 Tutorials from other sources. Of course, we examined some of the shortfalls also, like The Dark Side of Java 8.

Now, it is time to gather all the major Java 8 features under one reference guide for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!


Java 8 Features includes:

  1. Introduction
  2. New Features in Java language
  3. New Features in Java compiler
  4. New Features in Java libraries
  5. New Java tools
  6. New Features in Java runtime (JVM)
  7. Conclusions
  8. Resources
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