Apache Spark Cheatsheet

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This cheatsheet is designed to provide quick access to the most commonly used Spark components, methods, and practices. Whether you’re diving into Spark’s resilient distributed datasets (RDDs), exploring the DataFrame and SQL capabilities, or harnessing the advanced machine learning libraries through MLlib, this cheatsheet offers bite-sized code snippets and explanations to facilitate your learning.

Apache Spark Cheatsheet includes:

    1. Introduction to Apache Spark
    2. Getting Started with Spark
    3. Resilient Distributed Datasets (RDDs)
    4. Structured APIs: DataFrames and Datasets
    5. Spark SQL
    6. Streaming Processing with Spark
    7. Machine Learning with MLlib
    8. Graph Processing with GraphX
    9. Cluster Computing and Deployment
    10. Performance Tuning and Optimization
    11. Interacting with External Data Sources
    12. Monitoring and Debugging
    13. Integration with Other Tools
    14. Commonly Used Libraries with Spark
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