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High Demand Android App Development Skills

In this article, we are talking about android app development skills for app development. The standard Integrate Development Environment for Android developers is the Android studio. Android developers use the XML to create a foundational UI for android applications.

The market of mobile apps is growing rapidly and if you are considering a career in mobile app development we have good news for you that as an industry it shows the promise of steady growth in the foreseeable future.

But this rapid evolution of apps also requires the developers to improve their skills and grow with the ever-changing market landscape. This is evident with the rise in new development strategies and the latest skill sets to go along with them. 

Android App Development Skills

1. Android App Development Skills In High Demand

Building a functionally rich and visually appealing app requires a deep understanding of programming and design. Moreover, the android devices are made by different manufacturers so your code has to be flexible and versatile for a variety of user scenarios. That’s why more and more companies are looking for developers with a plethora of skills in their quiver.

This is why we have made a list of some of the most sought after android development skills that have the highest demand in the app development industry. Let’s take a look at what they are :

1.1 Expertise in Java, Kotlin or both

Java is the underlying language for all android development. Android apps have been traditionally built in java. Kotlin, on the other hand, has been accepted by Google as a first-class Android development language.

Being a developer you might have experience with java but switching over from java to Kotlin requires a little bit of more time. Nonetheless, both of these languages share some degree of structure and syntax as both of them are object-oriented and are complied with bytecode which the JVM (Java Virtual Machine)executes. If your developers possess such programming skills then you can expect top-notch Android app development services from them.

1.2 Essential Android SDK Skills

Developers should be adept at working with the Android SDK (Software Development Kit) which is just a fancy name for a set of prepackaged code. This helps developers in piecing together different libraries for their apps and organize their code once it is compiled.

Android developers spend most of their time understanding how different SDKs can be put together. While this takes time in the beginning, but the official documentation comes with many examples that make it easy to figure out what each package does and how to plug it into your app. There is no doubt that understanding the vital concepts of SDKs will make you a better android developer.

1.3 Basics Of XML

XML stands for Extensible Markup Language and was created as a standard way to encode data for internet-based applications. It defines a standard way in which the information can be passed between the devices and understood consistently.

Android developers use the XML to create a foundational UI for android applications. Moreover, the layout made by XML can be further modified by java once the application is up and running. Which is why it’s an indispensable skill to master for android developers.

1.4 Experience with SQL Databases

Almost every android app needs to store data in some form or another, whether its the user’s data or the data from the app itself. Furthermore, if your app handles a large amount of data most of it will not be stored on your device at all. Instead, your data will be stored in a database and your app will interact with it to display the required information.

There are various ways to store the data, either through the cloud or using Android’s in-built support for the SQLite database. You need expertise with SQL to handle the data and interact with the database, which is why many employers look for this particular skill set in developers.

1.5 Importance of GIT Familiarity

Git is a distributed version control system for tracking changes in source code during software development. While this skill is not strictly mandatory but it’s still essential for being a developer. This is important because eventually, you will need some kind of version control tool.

You need to have knowledge of the basics of using GIT, creating and using repositories and how to commit the required changes. 

1.6 Knowledge of Material Design Guidelines

Google has strict guidelines regarding the apps that can be published on the app store and these are set by Material design Language. Every app which is designed must adhere to these guidelines as they cover all the prominent elements in the app including colors, shades, transitions, element placement, etc.

This is why the knowledge of material design guidelines is a must-have prerequisite in many projects.

1.7 Command Over Android Studio

The standard Integrate Development Environment(IDE) for Android developers is the Android studio. It comes with out-of-box support for the most common Android SDKs. It even has code completion that shows autocomplete suggestions as you type in the code. Furthermore, it is packed with advanced tools like code debugger, memory and CPU monitors to optimize your code for high performance on Android devices. 

Familiarity with Android Studio is, without a doubt, the most important skill a developer should have.

1.8 Backend Development Skills

Some projects require the developer to have expertise with backend programming languages as well. There are many back end programming languages and all of them are different and serve different purposes depending on the use cases. Some examples are PHP, node.js, and java.

As a developer, you should think hard about the requirement before diving into a new programming language or you should proceed with the one you already are familiar with.

2. Wrapping Up

The best android developers have the above-mentioned skills and much more, so you need to make sure that you are always on your toes with learning new skills, asking for feedback and iterating your ideas before you start a new project or look for a new job as a developer.

With this article, we hope to acquaint you with the trending skills a developer must have to excel in the competitive landscape that is Android development.

Stay Tuned! 

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