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The Why & How To Create A Front-End Website Testing Plan

Undoubtedly, weak testing phase is going to impact SDLC — and clients may change the perception and place lesser importance in future services. With all the constraints, you need to worry about company reputation. If you want to foster growth, you need to uphold principles, find out and innovate plans methodically. Sign-off from the client is not the end of ...

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Which Browsers Are Important For Your Cross Browser Testing?

Did you know? Every website on the internet communicates in a unique manner with every browser. A browser interprets web elements in a separate manner as compared to other browser and renders the website accordingly. This means the look and feel of a website are not only dependent on the front-end development team but also on the browsers being used ...

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How to disable WebRTC on Mobile and Desktop

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is an open-source tool that allows real-time, peer-to-peer connections to be created by websites you visit. WebRTC allows for direct delivery of high definition video and audio between two devices, which would otherwise be impossible without the installation of third-party plugins. Web applications such as Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger and Discord are all able to work ...

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