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What Is a Dictionary in Python?

As I continue to write about Python, I find myself wanting some sort of place to direct my readers to learn some of the more fundamental programming concepts. For instance, I write a lot about Python dictionaries, but I don’t actually explain what a dictionary is to the level of detail that some of my readers might like. As a ...

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IndexError: String Index out of Range

Surprise, surprise! We’re back with another article on a Python exception. Of course, this time we’re moving away from the SyntaxError and into a more specialized error, the IndexError, which is accompanied by various error messages. The error message we’ll be talking about today reads: IndexError: string index out of range. In case you’re short on time, this IndexError arises ...

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Python Tips: On Getting Started, Unit Testing and Code Coverage

tl;dr Here is a collection of useful Python tips, a starter “Hello World” Python template for both web (using Flask) and stand-alone script. And additional tips in writing effective Python code, getting started, Unit Tests and using the Coverage tool to improve code. Getting Started – Introducing “Python Hello World” Template Sometimes when we need to get started in Python, ...

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Python Regular Expressions

In this post, we feature a comprehensive article about Regular Expressions in Python language. 1. What is a Regular Expression If you have ever searched for a file that you didn’t exactly remember its name, then you might have used one or more special (or wildcard) characters to define the characters you couldn’t remember. For example, to search for all ...

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[MEGA DEAL] The Complete 2020 Python Programming Certification Bundle (97%)

Strengthen Your Programming Career & Up Your Earning Potential with 12 Courses on the World’s Leading Programming Language Hey fellow geeks, This week, on our JCG Deals store, we have another extreme offer.We are offering a massive 97% off on The Complete 2020 Python Programming Certification Bundle. Get it now with only $49,99 instead of the original price of $2,385. ...

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Python vs Java: The Most Important Differences

In this post, we feature a comprehensive article about Python vs Java and their most important differences. Java is an object-oriented programming language. Python is a multi-paradigm programming language. Python and Java are platform-independent languages. In this tutorial, we see the features of Python and Java to see the differences. You can also check this tutorial in the following video: ...

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