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In any incomprehensible situation go scripting


Scripting is one of the most popular ways to make your application adjustable for client needs right at runtime. As always, this approach brings not only good, e.g. there is a well-known trade-off between flexibility and manageability. This article is not one of those which theoretically discuss pros and cons, it practically shows different ways of how to adopt scripting ...

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JDK 12’s Files.mismatch Method

JDK 12 introduces a new method to the Files class. The method, Files.mismatch(Path,Path), has been introduced to JDK 12 via JDK-8202302 and is available in JDK 12 Early Access Build 20 (same early access build that supports the new {@systemProperty} Javadoc tag). JDK-8202302 [“(fs) New Files.mismatch method for comparing files”] adds the Files.mismatch(Path,Path) method “to compare the contents of two ...

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[MEGA DEAL] Complete Java Programming Bootcamp (94% off)

10 Courses (83.5 Hours) to Become a Java Master: Design UIs with JavaFX, Utilize Design Patterns, Master Multithreading & More Hey fellow geeks, This week, on our JCG Deals store, we have another extreme offer. We are offering the Complete Java Programming Bootcamp for only $39 instead of the original price of $740.00 , yeap that is a massive 94% off. ...

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JDK 12 Javadoc Tag for System Properties

JDK 12 Early Access Build 20 (2018/11/15) is available and can be used to try out the new Javadoc tag {@systemProperty}. The new {@systemProperty} Javadoc tag is discussed in the core-libs-dev mailing list message “FYI: new javadoc tag to document system properties” and was introduced in response to JDK-5076751 [“System properties documentation needed in javadocs”]. The {@systemPropery} Javadoc tag displays ...

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Functional Java by Example | Part 5 – Move I/O to the Outside

This is part 5 of the series called “Functional Java by Example”. In previous part we stopped mutating our documents and returned copies of the data. Now, we need to move some I/O away. If you came for the first time, it’s best to start reading from the beginning. It helps to understand where we started and how we moved ...

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QuickBooks and Sage Data Exporter

Many small and medium business work with QuickBooks for their accounting module. Similarly many companies also use Sage for their accounting.  Most of them face problem when they need to export data out of these systems. Many of the connectors that are available online are costly and don’t meet exact requirements. Attached is small snippets of code that explains what ...

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An Extension To TellDontAsk

More than five years go, Martin Fowler pinpointed one of the biggest problems in Object-Oriented Programming in his famous TellDontAsk article. In his writing, he reminded programmers that they should trust their objects with performing the work for them, rather than asking the objects to provide the data that they would later work with themselves. This is something that I ...

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Revisions and Immutability

Here’s a brief post. I’m not sure how to start it. It’s one of those “why didn’t I think of that” moments while reviewing some existing code. Due to NDAs, I cannot share the actual code. It has something to do with handling revisions. The closest thing I can relate to is how WordPress (WP) handles blog posts and revisions. ...

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