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In today’s software delivery pipeline, speed and stability are frequently at odds. The fast-paced business landscape has driven the need for increased development velocity – often at the expense of application quality. Engineering teams are challenged with the impossible task of keeping up with competitors without sacrificing the customer experience in the process. Faced with this dilemma, some organizations opt ...

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Apache Ignite on your Kubernetes Cluster Part 2: RBAC Explained

You had a cache service running however all you did was installing a helm chart.In this blog we shall evaluate what is installed and take notes for our futures helm charts. The first step would be to view the helm chart. 1 2 3 > helm list NAME            NAMESPACE   REVISION    UPDATED                                 STATUS      CHART           APP VERSION ignite-cache    default     1           2020-03-07 22:23:49.918924 ...

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Simplifying APM: Remove the Guesswork From Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Can Be Hard These days web applications are complicated—there are no two ways about it. Even a relatively simple application will likely be querying a database, making calls to a downstream API, and spending periods of time processing data. Each of these components can introduce latency and the underlying infrastructure can add more complexity; let’s not even get started ...

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So You Wanna Build a (Test) Mail Server

I’ve recently been working on an app which processes data in an email box. Old school! What’s the best way to test that? We could mock out the mail service and do occasional smoke tests against the real mail server. That approach is fine, but leaves the mail server integration code untested for most builds. Another approach is to black ...

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Jib – Containerize Your Java Application

ge Credit: https://github.com/GoogleContainerTools/jib Building containerized applications require a lot of configurations. If you are building a Java application and planning to use Docker, you might need to consider Jib. Jib is an opensource plugin for Maven and Gradle. It uses the build information to build a Docker image without requiring a Dockerfile and Docker daemon. In this article, we will ...

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Rotating secrets in Kubernetes

I’m building a multitenant SaaS on top of Kubernetes at the moment, and one principle we’ve gone with is that all secrets should be rotated regularly. I’m surprised by the distinct lack of documentation on best practices for how to supply this configuration in Kubernetes. Of course, when it comes to certificates, it’s fairly straight forward to rotate a certificate ...

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