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[NEW EBOOK] A Complete Guide to Building the Perfect Enterprise DevOps Stack

A guide to building the perfect stack for enterprise DevOps teams Every team approaches software tooling differently, but overall we see similar frameworks across most enterprise DevOps teams. Tooling follows the the product from creation to delivery to success (ideally) and back to creation of new releases and products. Most tools fall solidly into one of these 3 categories: product ...

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The Must Have Metrics Any DevOps and SRE Manager Should Measure

DevOps and SREs have dashboards to monitor services and product performance, and now it’s time for us to understand how to measure these teams’ performance as well. One significant challenge every company faces these days is measurement. There’s a need to understand what’s happening at every level inside the company and product, from how customers are using the application, through ...

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3 Reasons Why Version Control is a Must for Every DevOps Team

Do you have any files on your computer called something like DocFinalFinalFinal1_2.pdf? If you do, then you probably already understand the basic value of version control. By saving each version as a new “final” version, rather than overwriting the previous final version, you can not only distinguish between different versions of the same document, but ensure that previous versions aren’t ...

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Get More Out of Splunk: Enrich Your Logs With 10x More Data

Access net new machine data, beyond log files, to enrich your Splunk instance and get real insight into application health You’ve definitely heard of Splunk, you might even be using it at your company. It’s a powerful data aggregator that helps to simplify machine data for dev and ops teams, allowing them to capture, index and correlate real-time data in ...

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[Webinar] Data-Driven DevOps: Introducing OverOps Platform

Get your hands on code-aware insights into the functional quality of your application to deliver more reliable software For decades, development and operations teams have relied on noisy, shallow log files to detect and troubleshoot errors in software. That essentially means that we’re trying to solve application errors with only a tiny fraction of the data we actually need. In ...

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Docker Tutorial: Play with Containers (Simple Examples)

Docker has had a huge impact on software development life cycle, making the deployment of software at scale easy and secure. This Docker tutorial will cover the basics of running, starting, stopping, and removing Docker containers. Docker makes it so easy to work with different programming languages with different versions on different operating systems all this on the same host. Deploying ...

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