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Throttle methods with Spring AOP and Guava rate limiter


External services or APIs may have usage limits or they just cannot handle loads of requests without failing. This post explains how to create a Spring Framework based aspect that can be used to throttle any adviced method calls with Guava’s rate limiter. The following implementation requires Java 8, Spring AOP and Guava. Let’s start with an annotation that is ...

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A clean approach to Wicket models

One of the core concepts of Apache Wicket web framework is the model and IModel as its programming interface. Wicket components rely heavily on models, which makes them important pieces of the architecture. Apache Wicket is stateful framework that stores the pages and their components to a page store that usually resides in the HTTP session. Components create the public facing view from the ...

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Pitfalls of Java Comparable interface

Java Comparable interface provides a way to do natural ordering for classes implementing the interface. Natural ordering makes sense for scalars and other quite simple objects, but when we come to more business oriented domain objects the natural ordering becomes much more complicated. A transaction object’s natural ordering from business manager’s point of view could be the value of the transaction, but ...

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