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Communities and Criticism

It would seem only logical that a major advantage of a community is access to criticism. Ok, yeah, that‘s a bad word. Let‘s back up. To perspective. Wait, what‘s the difference between those things? If someone has a different perspective on something that we have done, we immediately think that they: don‘t like us are mean are probably a troll ...

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What is a Tidy Codebase?

I came across the book recently ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.‘ I think I got a sample on the Play Store and right away thought ‘wow, this woman is an amazing writing voice.‘ Now that I have read a bunch of the book I know why: 1. it‘s a screed, delivered politely, like a witches curse delivered in a ...

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First Java 8 Experience

Like the rest of the world, I fell deeply in love with Slack. Why? Lot of reasons, but the main one is it provides a new means of really building the SDLC process around communication rather than tools. Which do you think is more common these days, the team of disorganized nitwits meandering around in the wilderness unable to execute ...

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A Few Thoughts on Code Completion

Before launching into some philosophical musings about what programmers‘ crack addiction to code completion means, a few observations about my path. In 2003, I started using Eclipse. Before that I had been using JBuilder a lot. Eclipse launched claiming that incremental compilation was the future and anyone not using it was lost. You would see your errors as you typed. ...

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