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Mihai is an experienced Java and JavaEE developer. His main interests are: clean OOP, code maintainability and testing. He is the creator of http://comdor.co and http://charles.amihaiemil.com"

Project Versioning With Rultor

All of my projects, libraries or applications, are published on Maven Central. In case you don’t know how that works, I’ll tell you in short: it’s a nightmare. Of course, I had to go through those steps one or two times but then I realised I might as well let Rultor do all that work for me since I was ...

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Logic Should Hide In Plain Sight

I’m sure you’ve heard the words “dig in the code” before. It’s the first second thing a developer does when they are new on a project. They open the IDE, look for the app’s entry point and start ctrl+clicking until they find the “business logic”. Then, they start reading the code in order to understand how the puppets in the ...

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Dolls and Maquettes

I’ve already written quite a few posts about why I don’t consider JavaBeans real objects. For instance, I think we agreed here and here that model objects are mere syntax sugar and we might as well not have them at all, they are useless abstractions that do not offer any functionality. Nevertheless, let’s try one more time, this time through ...

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Java API For Docker

If you use Docker, you should know that it has a client-server architecture. There is the docker command line tool, which sends all the commands (build, pull, run etc) to the Docker Host’s API; the command line tool is just an elegant wrapper so you don’t have to make raw HTTP calls yourself. This architecture gives a very convenient decoupling. ...

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Teach Them The Language First

I wanted to write this article for some time now, but I wasn’t sure if it’s such a spread phenomenon or maybe just my experience. This tweet made me decide to write it. I think these days, frameworks and platforms have grown and have abstracted our work so much that it is very easy to spend 10 years in a ...

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My Take On Object Naming

This is one of the most common debates out there. Most people have their opinion about this topic and nobody can actually tell which one is correct. Neither can I, of course, but nevertheless, I decided that I might just share with you my ideas on the matter, throw in my two cents, maybe it will help someone. When I ...

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Invest in a Github Organization!

To start, let me say that Github is the subject here simply because they are the biggest in the open source industry. Github has become the Facebook of software development and that is why it makes sense to focus on it. In the future, a better platform might show up and then this article will apply to that one. A ...

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