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Dave Fecak
Dave Fecak has been recruiting software engineers for start-ups since 1998 and he has served as the founder and president of the Philadelphia Area Java Users’ Group since 2000. Dave is often cited and published on career topics for technology professionals, and he blogs at JobTipsForGeeks.com.

So You Say You’re An Expert?

Whether through my recruiting endeavors or the private resume services I provide to job seekers, not a week goes by where I don’t see the word “expert” somewhere on a resume or cover letter. “Expert in $LANGUAGE” isn’t all that uncommon, and today the expression of expertise may also be depicted through a horizontal bar graph where several languages or concepts ...

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Negotiating Offers That Meet Your Asking Price

Negotiating job offers is a skill, and many are reluctant to even attempt it. Like interviewing, negotiation is something that most professionals may only do a few times (or less) a decade, so it’s not the type of skill that gets honed through regular use. One question that I often hear relates to scenarios where a candidate provides a target salary/range ...

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Stressed? It’s Not the Industry, It’s Your Employer

Blog posts and discussion threads about the overwhelming stress felt by those in the software industry seem increasingly popular of late, and authors usually infer that the pressures (or combination thereof) are highly unique to software. The commenters usually skew young, but there is no shortage of experienced pros echoing these sentiments. There are clearly characteristics of the software business ...

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How To Leave Your Job: Preparation, Resignation, and Transition

Making the decision to leave an employer and submitting a resignation is typically an emotional experience, and can be stressful the first few times one goes through the process. Valuable business relationships, friendships, and even legal/financial standing can be in danger if things aren’t handled properly. If you anticipate an upcoming job change or are deep in the interview process ...

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When Job Hopping Goes Wrong

While surfing a thread about a potential job change in Reddit’s /r/cscareerquestions (DISCLOSURE: I’m a mod), I read the following comment: “There is no such thing as ruining a career by switching jobs too often” At the time this was the most upvoted comment in the thread, which troubled me because it is rather poor advice. I’ve written about my ...

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The Recruiter Manifesto

It’s no secret that many agency recruiters behave unethically. As much as I enjoy getting paid to help companies grow and to assist job seekers in finding better opportunities, it is sometimes difficult to be enthusiastic about my industry. There is a segment of the technology population that assumes I must be unethical based on the industry I’m in, which ...

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Is Your Employer a “Best Place To Work” For Developers?

Glassdoor recently released their Best Places to Work 2016/Employees Choice Awards, and as you would expect the top of the list features several well-known companies from the tech sector (Airbnb, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google) and other firms that aren’t exactly household names. The rankings are based on anonymous reviews and ratings from employees, with the results crunched by a proprietary algorithm. The ...

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