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Adding Ehcache to Openxava application

Introduction This article shows how to quickly enable Ehcache on Openxava applications and thus improving performance. When viewing an entity and its graph, relationships are loaded. Adding a second-level cache fasten the retrieval of associated elements, since already loaded elements are retrieved from cache and not database. Eventually this page explains how minuteproject treats this aspect with keeping its promise: write ...

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OpenXava Project Lead Joins JavaCodeGeeks

Hi guys, I am pleased to announce that Javier Paniza, project lead for the OpenXava project, has joined our JCG program. Javier has been developing with Java Enterprise since 1998 and occasionally blogs at Sys-Con. Let me tell you a few things about OpenXava too. As described in the official site: OpenXava is a tool for Rapid Java Web Development, ...

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Enterprise Java Tutorials


A ActiveMQ ADF Akka AOP Apache Camel Apache Commons Apache CXF Apache Mahout Apache Thrift Apache Solr Apache Struts Apache Digester Apache Wicket Apache Cassandra Arquillian B BPM C Complex Event Processing Couchbase Clojure D Distributed Computing/Big Data E Eclipse EhCache EJB Esper EclipseLink F G Git Google App Engine Google Guice Grails Groovy GWT Grep4j Gradle Glassfish H Hibernate ...

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Here you will find useful resources for Java based open source projects. We categorize resources based on type. All of our articles include links to discussed technologies, tools and architectures. The Resources page is an index, a quick reference point for all of you who would like to get their hands right on what Java Code Geeks are working on! ...

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The Java Code Geek (JCG) Program The JCG program builds mutually beneficial partnerships between Java Code Geeks and community bloggers whose articles are of interest to the Java developer community. The program simplifies the process of publishing selected blog articles by JCG members onto Java Code Geeks site.  Through this process, our JCGs enjoy substantially increased visibility and our audience ...

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