Java Code Geeks are giving away 2 FREE PRO passes for DeveloperWeek 2019

#DEVWEEK 2019 — The World’s Largest Developer Expo & Conference Series

The DeveloperWeek team has offered us discounted PRO Passes to DeveloperWeek 2019 so our members can attend the event.

DeveloperWeek (#DEVWEEK 2019) (Feb 20-24, Oakland Convention Center) is the world’s largest independent developer conference & expo with 8,000+ participants. DeveloperWeek includes 200+ workshops, sessions, and talks across Microservices, AI dev, Blockchain dev, JavaScript, AR/VR dev and more! It also features developer technology innovators exhibiting at the DeveloperWeek Expo.

UPDATE: The giveaway has ended! Here is the list of the lucky winners! (emails hidden for privacy)


We would like to thank you all for participating to this giveaway. Till next time,

Keep up the good work!