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Thread Methods destroy() and stop(Throwable) Removed in JDK 11

The message “RFR(s): 8204243: remove Thread.destroy() and Thread.stop(Throwable)” by @DrDeprecator (Stuart Marks) on the core-libs-dev OpenJDK mailing list is a request for review (RFR) of a change set associated with JDK-8204243 [“remove Thread.destroy() and Thread.stop(Throwable)”]. Both the bug report and the mailing list message describe the history of these two referenced Thread methods and explain that neither method really does anything useful.

The JDK 10 Javadoc API documentation for java.lang.Thread shows six methods on the Thread class that are deprecated, three of which are explicitly marked for removal. The table below summarizes these deprecated Thread methods.

Methods Deprecated in java.lang.Thread as of JDK 10
JDK 10
countStackFrames()1.2YesDepends on deprecated suspend()
destroy()1.5YesThrows NoSuchMethodError since inception
(never implemented)
resume()1.2NoExists solely for use with suspend()
stop()1.2NoThis method is inherently unsafe.
stop(Throwable)1.2YesThrows UnsupportedOperationException since JDK 8
suspend()1.2NoThis method … is inherently deadlock-prone.

It now appears that two of the three Thread methods that are deprecated and marked for removal will be removed with JDK 11. Both methods Thread.destroy() and Thread.stop(Throwable) should be completely removed as of JDK 11. The destroy() method has never done anything except throw the NoSuchMethodError and the stop(Throwable) method hasn’t done anything except throw UnsupportedOperationException since JDK 8. Good riddance to these methods!

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