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JArchitect v2017 Released!

We are happy to inform you that JArchitect v2017 has been released and is now available for download!

JArchitect is an analysis tool that really allows you to dig deep into the structure and quality of your code.

With JArchitect, software quality can be measured using Code Metrics, visualized using Graphs and Treemaps, and enforced using standard and custom Rules.

Save time, reduce costs and deliver high-quality code with these important updates:

  • Smart Technical Debt Estimation: JArchitect v2017 can tell the developer that, for example, since this morning the code just written has introduced debt that would cost about 30 minutes should it have to be repaid later. Knowing this, the developer can fix the code before even committing it to the source control.

  • Quality Gate: A Quality Gate is a check on a code quality fact that must be enforced before releasing and eventually, before committing to source control. Quality Gates for example can forbid issues with a certain severity introduced since the baseline, enforce particular code coverage by tests ratio on new and refactored code or enforce thresholds on any Technical Debt criteria.

11 quality gates are provided per default and LINQ queries can be written to query the quality gates status

  • Default Rules Set Improvements: All default rules have been revisited to smartly estimate the cost-to-fix and the severity of each issue and also to filter more false positives.
  • Dashboard Improvements: The dashboard now includes Technical Debt metrics, Quality Gates status and Issues facts. It allows drilling down any Technical Debt fact and filter issues through any criteria (new, severity, cost to fix…).

  • Enhanced Baseline Experience: Do you want to measure progress since this morning, last week or since the last release? Choose the baseline in a single click from the Dashboard and harness the updated results in just a few seconds.
  • Report Improvements: The JArchitect report now includes the new Dashboard and proposes Technical Debt and Quality Gates highlights.

  • Code Query Improvements: JArchitect Code Query LINQ (CQLinq) can now be used to live query the Technical Debt and the issues-set. Also, CQLinq now lets users write custom Quality Gates. With CQLinq, smart Technical Debt estimations are computed through custom formulas. Finally, a code query can now match code elements of various kinds to obtain more informative results.
  • Support: for Java 8.

Download and enjoy the new version of JArchitect now by clicking here.


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