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JavaFX Missing Features Survey: CSS

In the last post of the Missing Features Survey series I said that this post would be about missing features in CSS and FXML. Now it turns out that the survey submissions did not contain any valid FXML issues. So I will focus on CSS only.

These are the CSS features that were reported missing:

  • Full CSS support – some properties are simply missing in the current JavaFX CSS version, e.g. “fitToWidth” in ImageView. Also font inheritance is not working.
  • Support for CSS3.
  • CSS transitions – the ability to specify a transition right inside CSS. This would make it a whole lot easier to come up with nicely animated UIs.
  • CSS function hooks – just like in sass. The ability to define your own functions. Currently one can only use the built-in functions derive and ladder.

From the Oracle team I was told that all items could be done with support from the community and that they accept improvement requests and API proposals. So the wishes expressed in the survey are very much in line with what Oracle wants to do but they just don’t have the resources.

That’s it for today. Back to coding everyone!

Reference: JavaFX Missing Features Survey: CSS from our JCG partner Dirk Lemmermann at the Pixel Perfect blog.
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