JavaFX Missing Features Survey: Table View

The TableView (and TreeTableView) of JavaFX has won the price for being the control that was mentioned the most in my recent “JavaFX Missing Features” survey and also in many follow-up discussions (including and especially the guys in our Zurich JavaFX Meetup group). I guess one of the reasons is the simple fact that almost every application needs a table view.

The two most requested features / improvements for the TableView were freezing rows / columns and better editing support.

Freezing Rows / Columns

I believe that freezing columns / rows was a feature that was planned for the TableView but that did not make it into the final release because of time and resource constraints. If I remember correctly then there is actually some left-over code / comments in the TableView code base that was intended for this purpose.

Editing Support

The current editing support is probably the one thing that annoys developers the most when using the TableView as they know that their users expect more. I have already worked on two projects myself where we had to hack the TableView so that it would let the user edit values directly.


Other features that were requested included:

I think that all of the above features are valid things to expect from a good table control but I am pretty sure that we will not see any progress in this area from the JavaFX team itself. I believe that from Oracle’s point of view the current table implementation is considered “good enough”, so I assume that it will be up to a third-party to come up with a good alternative, either open-source or commercial. I have brainstormed a lot about how to implement my own table view control but have reached the conclusion that this is too big to be a simple side-project. This is bad, but it also means that there is a potential for somebody else to create a commercial product and to actually make some money with it. Because like I said in the beginning: almost all applications need a table view.

The next “Missing Features” blog will be about performance and quality.

Stay tuned!

P.S.: for some of the features above you might want to try out the SpreadsheetView in the ControlsFX project.

Reference: JavaFX Missing Features Survey: Table View from our JCG partner Dirk Lemmermann at the Pixel Perfect blog.
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