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Geertjan Wielenga
Geertjan is involved with a variety of open source projects, in particular, with NetBeans IDE, the official IDE for the Java platform.

Released: NetBeans IDE 8.1 Beta

NetBeans IDE 8.1 Beta has been released. NetBeans IDE has a track record, built up over 15 years, of delivering complete and comprehensive tools for Java developers. Over the last few years, NetBeans IDE has been achieving the same for JavaScript developers. In particular, NetBeans IDE 8.1 introduces complete and comprehensive tools for Node.js application development. Together with benefiting from a beefed up JavaScript editor, Node.js users can now for the first time use the IDE to create, run, and debug Node.js applications, as well as create applications using the Express application framework for Node.js.

Other enhancements for JavaScript developers include brand new tools for Gulp, Mocha, Selenium, and Jade, while there are a range of enhancements to the tools for AngularJS and KnockoutJS. For Java developers, there are many enhancements too, including a completely redesigned Java Profiler, as well as performance enhancements, code completion improvements, and better search/navigation tools. Remote Oracle WebLogic is supported, together with community-contributed support for WildFly 9 and WildFly 10.

Here is a screenshot of NetBeans IDE 8.1 Beta, with the “Dark Look and Feel Themes” plugin installed (from the Plugin Manager under the Tools menu). Click to enlarge it.


NetBeans IDE is the Smarter and Faster way to code!

Release highlights

  • Node.js application development
  • HTML5/JavaScript enhancements, including new Gulp, Mocha, Selenium, and Jade features
  • Java enhancements, including enhanced code completion and deployment to remote Oracle WebLogic
  • Redesign of NetBeans Profiler
  • Enhancements to PHP, C/C++, and Git
  • JRE included in NetBeans download bundles for HTML5/JavaScript, PHP, and C/C++

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