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Android Image Filters


Image Filter allows you to add various effects on image. There are mainly two purpose of Image Processing:

  1. Image Understanding: It is used to identify content of image, weather image has human faces, objects (bus, train, etc.), measure dimension of objects,etc. OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library) is one of the main library used for Image Understanding.
  2. Image Beautify : It is used to beautify image by adding different filters, adjust colour, adjust contrast, etc..

Android provides two options for Image Filters/Processing

  1. Using SDK with Java Code,Android SDK has “android.graphics” package which contains classes related to Image Processing.
  2. Using NDK with C/C++ Code.

List of classes from android.graphics


This article explains simple Android application which demonstrates 30 different image filters. Application has one button to select image from gallery, bottom strip contains visual representation of effect then simply click on effect to apply into your selected photo. Application will apply selected effect and store image in root folder of SDCard with effect name. The entire logic of Image filter/processing is written in pure java (without NDK/C++).

Application Screen shots

Image source : http://www.theotherhome.com/images/PackageImages/Large/2013-03-0811-37-01.jpg

device-2013-08-30-104130 device-2013-08-30-104059


Different image filters available in Application


effect_watermark effect_tint

effect_smooth effect_sheding_yellow

effect_grayscale effect_sheding_green

effect_sheding_cyan effect_sheding

effect_sepia_green effect_sepia_blue

effect_sepia effect_saturation

effect_round_corner effect_mean_remove

effect_invert effect_hue

effect_gaussian_blue effect_flea

effect_engrave effect_emboss

effect_contrast effect_color_red

effect_gamma effect_color_green

effect_color_depth_64 effect_color_depth_32

effect_color_blue effect_brightness

effect_boost_3 effect_boost_2

effect_boost_1 effect_black

I would like to thanks Mr Peter Huston (http://petehouston.com/) for providing Android Image Filters tutorials in his blog.

Original Source Code: http://xjaphx.wordpress.com/learning/tutorials/


  1. http://www.jhlabs.com/ip/filters/
  2. http://developer.android.com/reference/android/media/effect/EffectFactory.html
  3. https://code.google.com/p/android-image-filtering/
  4. http://xjaphx.wordpress.com/learning/tutorials/
  5. https://code.google.com/p/android-image-filtering/
  6. https://github.com/ragnraok/android-image-filter


Reference: Android Image Filters from our JCG partner Ketan Parmar at the KP Bird blog.

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7 years ago

I would like to create android app that can analyze body from camera and also create the t-shirt or dress into people in the pictures. What sdk or tools that I have to use in my project? Or How do I start?

7 years ago
Reply to  yaowaret

you can simply take a picture with android built in camera ,, and merge this pic with different dressing pics using bitmap function bitmap mergefunctn(bitmap bodypic , bitmap dresspic)

7 years ago

Can you please give sample code for embedding images.
Thanks in advance.

6 years ago

nice post…very helpful…for image effects….

6 years ago

helpful post. i also want to add some warp and funny effects to my app. can please help me. thanks in andvance

5 years ago

Hi I would like create a project on photo convert to sketch and some image filter but I new to it so can u send me the code and step to do it.