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Ketan Parmar
Ketan Parmar (aka KPBird) is software engineer with 7 years experience, He is passionate about Java (SE,EE,ME),Android,BlackBerry, Grid Computing, Big Data, UI/UX and Open Source

Android Augmented Reality


“Augmented reality (AR) is a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.” – Wikipedia

Basically, Augmented Reality provides extra information over real-world object or place. For example, watch this video

Augmented Reality is a combination of two technologies:

  1. Computer Vision
  2. Computer Graphics (3D/2D)

Augmented Reality includes two processes:

  1. Identify Real-World Object or Place
  2. Display extra information. Information can be Simple Text,2D/3D Object, Animated Object, Touchable / clickable object,etc..


Following illustration generalise the execution process of Augmented Reality Application. Process starts with camera input and ends with rendering virtual object on screen. Augmented Reality continuously looks for tracker/object in input frames as and when tracker finds, it will display virtual object on screen.

Augmented Reality

Popular Applications

  1. Augment -3D
  2. Junaio Augmented Reality
  3. Aurecmedia – Augmented Reality
  4. Layar
  5. Satellite AR

Popular Business Domain 

  1. Marketing
  2. Shopping
  3. Education
  4. Medical / Health
  5. Entertainment
  6. Publishing

Popular SDKs for Development

  1. Qualcomm Vuforia
  2. Metaio
  3. Total Immersion D’Fusion
  4. Wikitude
  5. String
  6. ARLab

Metaio vs Vuforia

 Metaio Vuforia
iOS Yes Yes
Android Yes Yes
Web Yes No
GPS Yes No
IMU Sensors Yes No
Cloud Support Yes Yes
Content API OpenGL, in-house 3d renderer OpenGL only
Unity (3D) Yes Yes
 ID Marker Image
 Picture Marker Cylinder
 Markerless Text Recognition
 Markerless 3D Frame Marker
 LLA Markers Custom
 QR & Barcode Virtual Button
Non-Optical Tracking
 GPS/ Inertial Sensors No
 Dummy No
Type Free + Commercial Free + Cloud Service Charges


Reference: Android Augmented Reality from our JCG partner Ketan Parmar at the KP Bird blog.
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